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Team composition going forward.

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With the recent articles about Rhian Brewster being a potential target on loan, it’s made me think about our team composition and it’s fragility.

I have no complaints about the performance of our current loan players, far from it, however when I look forward to which players with be still with us, post the end of the year, I have concerns.

Looking at the impact on the first team, Freddie Woodman, Ben Wilmot and Steve Surridge all playing well, but I suspect little appetite from their clubs to sell them at the end of the season and even if they did, not at a price we can afford, especially considering their good performances.

When you add to that other players likely to leave or retire next season. Borja, VdH and possibly Routs. On top of that with the size of his salary and impending final contract year Ayew will have to targeted for sale in the Summer if not January.

I know we have a couple of young loanees potentially coming back next year, but the squad looks more than a little threadbare.

We still have players with Club contracts past the end of the year, but we arent playing them, and we certainly can’t afford to sell them in January or we won’t have a team next year.

I hope our good performances continue but we do need to sort out the future. Realistically we could lose 7 players from the first team squad and being realistic we probably will. There is a lot of work to do between now and the end of the January window


  • Why we want Rhian brewster on loan makes no sense. Okay, from a LFC perspective it does, he's not playing there. From our perspective we have Ayew,Borja and Surridge (Cullen in the u23s). If Borja leaves, then go and get a proven Championship striker who would fit the system. Seems settled that we only play one up top. I'd rather see Routs as a false nine in and around the box. @SpringheeledJack Woodman might well want to leave Newcastle as dubravka signed a new 6-year contract so he has no chance of being given the opportunity there.
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    @SVJack. I hope Woodman might want to come but at what price, as Newcastle have seen his performance as have other clubs.

    But you see the problem, the spine of the squad now consists of players who in all likelihood won’t be here next year. We have a lot of sorting to do.

    Thats why I agree another loanee isn’t what we need.
  • Football in the modern world revolves round dealing with the merry go round of footballers and agents where contracts are practically worthless.

    Financially stable clubs demand a scouting structure that has to work in advance of any player recruitment especially when there are hints that players intend running their contract down and becoming a free agent.

    Clubs like ourselves post PL relegation and without a ‘sugar daddy’ let alone ‘silent’ owners have only one priority and that is preventing the slide of further relegation and offloading players.

    Our new recruitment chief Andy Scott will be briefed on which players are into their last year of their contract as well as what the manager’s preferences are and as such the January window will be interesting to see what the club’s strategy is. 
  • Just a question - as we don't seem to get the loannee updates any more - but how is Steve Benda performing at Swindon? Anyone know?
  • It’s a personal view that I have aired several times, I’m not a fan of the loan market. Especially with the typical modern day academy player, who can quickly lose interest and start eyeing the exit door if he isn’t being picked (McEachran, Abraham, Carroll in his 1st spell, Sanches).

    When you take into account the loan fees for these players are not cheap, I’d sooner see us spend that money on up and coming young players or top notch lower league players who want to set down long term roots and are really grateful for the opportunity. That is what we used to do - with Ash, Rangel, Nathan, Sinclair to name just a few.

    Granted, some punts wont come off but surely it’s better to spend a couple of hundred grand or whatever and make players commit and put down roots than encourage a ‘let’s see how it goes, I might stay, I might not’ culture.
  • I don't have a problem with loans and see it as an integral part of the transfer system and like any transfer they need to be scouted properly and fill a need beyond a core squad of players.

    However the risk for a club is they are used year in year out and this can backfire especially if they have the mentally @garysthenotrashcougar describes above (this is partly why scouting is important). 

    Also it's risky when a club relies on the managers contacts for players like Derby last season and then players agree to the loan to play for the manager (this is the bigger issue about length of time manager stay at a club for either reason be it they move on for being successful or being unsuccessful) and when that managers contacts have gone what happens next!!

    Stability within the club is paramount at all levels especially so behind the scenes, so hopefully Andy Scott is doing a good job as we speak. 
  • On the loanees front, I notice Asoro scored a couple goals for Groningen in their 2-1 win over Vitesse Arnhem.
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