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Dalian Atkinson murder charge


  • Known trouble maker in the area. Local Bobbies are not happy with this decision.
  • a man with a history of mental illness. And so that should have been known and taken into account when dealing with him. 

    Not saying they didnt take it into account. but I am guessing that's what has been seen as a major factor in their arrest. 

  • If for argument’s sake, this policeman had no prior knowledge of his mental health, how does he differentiate, sometimes in a split second, when to deploy his tazer ?
  • good question. but there are very strict rules on the use of tasers. so he'd need a bloody good reason to. 

    The law is it needs to be 'legal, proportionate and necessary' in the circumstances. They also need to give a warning. and they need to check the other risk factors - like is the person being taser likely to fall and injure themselves - including whacking their head. As well as determining whether the person is 'vulnerable' .

    But we dont know if they were charged because of the taser, or the subsequent treatment after they zapped him. 

    The IOPC said its investigation gathered evidence which indicated that police contact with Mr Atkinson involved the use of a Taser, followed by a period of restraint and other uses of force.

    He didnt go into cardiac arrest until he was in the ambulance.
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