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McBurnie & James

These 2 sales probably saved The Swans, from a fate, only the Yanks will ever truly know. 
Who knows how things would have panned out, but for the cash injection of £33m-£38, for those transfers ?

It’s interesting, if you look at it from their 2 new managers perspective 
One must be thinking, I’ve paid £89m for Pogba, and more or less, he’s been ******. 
And I then sign a little Welsh / English kid for £15m-£18m, and he’s the first name on the sheet. 
Thanks very much Swans, I’ve trebled my money!

Then you have the other manager who must be thinking, feck me, I’ve just spent a club record £20m on a p*ss head, who can’t get in the team, because we’re 6th in The Premiership. 
Do you want him back for £10m?

Just to add, I was one of his biggest fans, for his boundless energy, and sticking the ball in the net, and I’m sure he’ll come good at Sheffield. 

But it just goes to show that the 2 deals were very good for Swansea City, and the respective players. 

Everyone’s a winner, chicken dinner !



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