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Cooper the silent one

What is then point of our manager standing in the tech area when he does nothing, no instructions for players, minimal contact with coaches, the only instruction yesterday was to the ball boy asking for the ball. Some of those players need a verbal kick up the backside.


  • I think he needs to kick himself up the backside! 
    Too many nondescript games now, especially at home. 
    Starting to have my doubts about his coaching, formations, systems,  motivational skills. 
    After that abject first half, apart from bringing on a half hearted Peterson, I didn’t see a team busting a gut, after a halftime rousing tactical master class, from the manager. 
    And before some luminary assures me, everything is fine, ‘cause we woz 5th in the league, the Napoleon words spring to mind, .... I would rather have a general who was lucky than one who was good.
    His luck, especially at home,4th loss,  has run out.  
    Fortress Liberty, it ain’t. 

  • Ron

    I'm in agreement with you on this. There have been several occasions this season where there has been a break in play due to an injury and the opposition manager calls his players over to receive instructions. Meanwhile, Cooper has turned around and sat down on the bench leaving his players to drift around and have a chat amongst themselves. Absolutely no leadership qualities and imho, no ideas on how to alter the course of the game.
  • Totally agree - we win with what we have and away from home there is more freedom for Potters (not Coopers) style to flourish !
    At home we are not motivated or believe the manager has the answere to opponents stifling tactics ! 
    If it is raining you put up the umbrella !!!
  • Scarily his stare off into the distance reminds me of Bob Bradley. Just watches the proceedings as they unfold with seemingly no idea how to ground the players especially when things have taken a downturn. I’d love to know how he managed to motivate the players for all those U17 World Cup winning performances because that’s the Steve Cooper that we need right now.
  • We hired a novice what do we expect?
  • I’m amazed, how come Birch, Leon  and Curt, didn’t spot the novice as well then ?
    I’ll say this of Huw Jenkins, he could certainly pick a manager. 
     Having said that, SC must be a shit hot at interviews. 
    Either that, or the aforementioned, know Jack shit, of due diligence. 
  • HJ could pick a manager !
    Sousa, Monk, Guidolin, Clement, Carvahal set against Roberto and Rogers. I've deliberately left out Laudrup as he was as good as he was bad, and Bob Bradley as he was an owner's pick. Not a great success rate imo.
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