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  1. Ben Stokes, Dina Asher-Smith, Raheem Sterling, Alun Wyn Jones, Lewis Hamilton and Katarina Johnson-Thompson named as 2019 Sports Personality contenders
  2. Public will vote for winner during BBC One show on Sunday, 15 December

My vote will be for Alun Wyn Jones.
For me, nobody else comes near.
He's a true Welsh hero.


  • Will never win the vote with English and Scottish voters outnumbering us by roughly 15:1 - he will be a VERY unlucky and undeserved loser I am afraid.
  • If it's a public vote Sterling will win that hands down. 

    For me personally there's only one winner - Lewis Hamilton. I'm no F1 fan but the guy has reached incredible levels of excellence in his sport and will probably beat Schumacher's record in the next few years. 

    But Britain being Britain, we don't like winners and we certainly don't like it if they go all ex-pat on us, so Sterling will romp home probably.
  • edited November 2019
    Would love to see AWJ win. Absolute legend. Have a feeling Stokes after winning cricket cup will take it. @garythenotrashcougar if Hamilton was in a Renault/ Torro Rosso etc do you think he'd get anywhere near winning the title cause I certainly don't.
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