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The Monk Trap

There appear to be mixed opinion on how the season is going. Some consider that only results are important, others that the performance and good football is everything, and results are less important. 

However, those in The Monk Trap feel its only results, and nothing else is important. It is a very dangerous path to tread, apart from a fact that eventually, the performances will give you the results you deserve, what it does is erode every aspect of the club.

The city no longer talks football as it did say in Roberto's day, I am sure most remember the atmosphere  at the pre season matches even , Neath was a great night, everyone wanting to see the next great performance, even in a friendly, the City and supporters were buzzing. 

Match day, again, great atmosphere, home and away, everyone excited as a child on Christmas Eve to see the Swans play again, couldn't wait for the next game. Everyone wanted to be part of it. 

In my opinion, it had little to do with the results, it was how we played, everyone was talking about us,  the Swansalona started, the greatest song ever (maybe) You're only here to watch the Swans, it was partly correct, most fans that understood football,secretly wanted to play like us. WBA home , Fulham away, Arsenal away, destroyed by the greatest football the club has ever seen.

This is what made us great, it was the football, not the results, they were just a by product of the greatest football ever seen in Swansea.

We then had MONK, whilst it was the start of the Jenkins/Morgan destruction act, he brought a darkness over the club, well, he did to me and many life long supporters I know. It was like throwing a a dark cape over the Mona Lisa , the most sung about painting in history, we were the Mona Lisa of Football, a masterpiece, and Monk started the destruction.

Last year, in Potter, we started to see very small parts of our masterpiece return, there was some light, there was excitement again, a few started saying, we are playing really well, good exciting football. Then, Potter did what he had to do and moved away from the cesspit of the new vultures at our club, to a club that will appreciate what they have.

Far from a new Da Vinci, we get a Rolf Harris, a charlatan masquerading as a football manager, a dinosaur from the same mould as Monk. 

Cooper may put a few results together by good fortune or the lack of ability of the opposition, but his football will never fill The Liberty, it will eat away at the supporters, like it did on Saturday, turn the Stadium into a place of boredom where each week the atmosphere and crowd dwindle away to nothing.

Change it now, the club need to be brave and do it, bring in a manager who plays football first, football, football second and third, then see where we end up. Cooper is without doubt now casting a dark shadow over the club, as dark as the cape Monk threw around us. It is time to cast it aside.


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