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New year, new hope for the future?

Next summer seems an awful long time away, at the moment, but after reading this article, at least it sounds like we have a plan, going forwards. 
I suppose it all boils down to, are you a believer or not, in Mr S. Cooper’s methods / managerial skills, to carry it off next season?
Plus it’s going to be heavy reliant, on Andy Scott’s HOR skills, to find the players that, I assume, SC has the final say on. 
We definitely need to press the reset button, with a clear out of the dead wood, and rebuild again. 
Looks like, Leon for one, is backing SC to be the man to do it.


  • My hope?

    That the owners bugger off as early as possible in the summer and we get people in with real drive and determination to take the club forward.

    I don't like Cooper, I don't agree with the way he seems to want to play football but let's face it he's going nowhere any time soon. His style of football has been known to succeed in the Championship, but he would need a decent spine i.e. the best keeper, centre back, central mid and striker for it to work. In my fantasy scenario the new owners back him with these players and, let's face it, given the poor quality of this division we wouldn't be far away. 

    What do I think will actually happen? We'll finish mid table, the Yanks will limp on and will mothball Landore, we'll release most if not all players on the out of contract list, and we will struggle badly next season with an inexperienced manager and a squad made up of frees and youth players. I hope I'm wrong but right now I can't see anything else unless things change right at the top. 
  • Gary I can see your logic,but not that in your final paragraph.
     My belief is that Birch and Britton will  back Scott's selections in the Summer and that the quality of the revamped squad will be more promising than you fear.Of course much will depend on those selections being the right ones,and the way that they are used.
    Surely that is the beauty of the game ,the uncertainty and the ups and downs of all the human components which make up a team sport.Could be fun don't you think.
  • No hope at all, end of, League 2 beckons.
  • I don’t get the ‘Yanks out at all costs’ mantra, who knows what could come next, are the owners that bad? Ok, a bit  niaive to begin with but have learnt, the sale wasn’t the only reason we got relegated, not saying it helped but had been on the cards since 2013, we got relegated 5 years later.
    All I’m saying is be careful what you wish for  
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