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Do not embarrass this city ,do not make mugs of the supporters dont make mugs of your teammates

edited January 6 in Swansea City
This is a rallying cry to the apparent professional football players that represent this part of the world .
It doesn't matter where your from or where your going but for xuck sake have some pride in yourselves and your employee and put your heart and soul into 90 odd mins for the people that follow and pay your wages .Have pride in getting paid handsomely by people that graft hard to provide .Do not go gentle into the night go with a fxxking big bang and make your club your employees (the fans )proud . 
I can tolerate no less than 100% wake up  ! 


  • Careful now ! 
    Or you’ll “woke” up the snowflakes on here, who won’t have a bad word to be said about our precious little professionals. 
  • Indeed @J4cka....

    Wilco, you badmouth the "family" at your peril! 
  • Good grief, we lost a meaningless match playing a winger as our main striker, a one-footed FB in one CB position and an U23 (who acquited himself very well) in the other. Reading this thread you would think we'd just lost to Hull in the League 2 relegation decider.

    Speaking as someone who parted with their hard-earned cash to attend the game yesterday, I can't summon the energy to care much about the result one way or another, and I'd say that was true about just about everyone else in the away end except the woman in the row behind me with a habit of stating the bleeding obvious and insufficient control of her saliva glands when shouting.

    Highlights of the game for me were BC and Kalulu's performances and the banter with the home fan with the sombrero. Lowlight (apart from the spitting, and most of the football) was the insanely small seats. But compared to Luton and Brentford, the catering was pretty good and the stewards were the friendliest I've encountered in a long time.
  • And we took all 3 points when it mattered
  • No game is meaningless in my eyes. There’s a symbiotic link with each and every game including the less important ones. Winning can be habit forming.
  • "Winning can be habit forming." So can losing 
  • I agree Colin. That is why to me the loss was a very dispiriting one and one I simply couldn’t shrug my shoulders at.
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