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reminding myself before i forget swansea

steps up to argos shop on wind street opposite post office and lloyds bank
coach house on wind street

gardens with seats on princess way
department store at top of gardens on princess way

castle cinema

underground walkways under roundabout under princess way

bus going up princess way

wimpy on roundabout where crossfire is now

midland bank in hsbc
cooperative bank
tesco, odeon, pizza hut, cake decoration shop on kingsway

safeway supermarket in st. davids square
halfords in mcdonalds on oxford street
dixons in quadrant which moved to dixons oxford street redheaded saleswoman
john menzies on oxford street next to bus stop 110. bus with cramped seats
church with graves on oxford street now a car park
bumper to bumper car shop

more music on st helens rd.
Musiquarium in market
computer shop in singleton street
gas works where tesco is now
small HMV in quadrant where boots is now
jocks pet shop
sewing machine shop craddock street
economy tools in union street
mad man standing in middle of kingsway shouting at traffic
john ham music shop
top man



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