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Questionable use of performance data

Could this research apply also to academy football. Make your own mind up.


  • "In 1986, one 15-year-old undertook his prueba de la muneca, or ‘doll’s trial’, whereby only those who would grow up to measure 1.80m (5ft 9in) would be kept on. “I’ll be taller than 1.80m,” he screamed. “I’m going to be a professional footballer.” His name? Pep Guardiola."
  • I dare say you could find a link similar to the one you found for sportsmen in almost every sport but there are links like the one I read that research has shown that decision making from data driven key performance indicators can be flawed.
  • Thanks @jasper_T that is a truly fantastic article - which on a smaller scale tells the story of the Swansealona miracle. There are some great quotes here - possibly my favourite 
    At the formation’s heart was the supremacy of possession that remains Barca’s trademark. “It’s a basic concept: when you dominate the ball, you move well,” Cruyff said. “You have what the opposition don’t, and therefore they can’t score. The person that moves decides where the ball goes, and if you move well, you can change opponents’ pressure into your advantage. The ball goes where you want it.”
    I believe heart and soul that if we had stuck to these principles and recruited the players to fit we would still be comfortably in the Premier League. I truly hope that Cooper's final vision is an iteration of these basic concepts of the beautiful game. Being just another ugly scrappy team is not what most of the Jack Army sign up for.
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