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  • Wow that is Machiavellian.....McCabe certainly looks shabby in his attempts to screw his partner and it came back to bite him hard. All so weird that it occurred in one of the most successful eras in the club's history. Grubby money story indeed. I wonder how Sheffield Utd fans felt? Was this well known on the terraces or was it kept quiet? certainly makes our recent takeover  'troubles' seem minor in contrast. 
    Certainly rivals the Petty era for dirty dealing....though it seems to not have threatened to push them into administration. So promotion helped resolve the problem.
    Looks like Wilder did an even more remarkable job of gaining promotion and securing the club's future in one fell swoop. 
  • Not quite in the Petty scenario but David Conn certainly knows the financial shenanigans that happen in the game.
  • they may have found the money to buy the ground etc, but that was a huge chunk of the promotion cash. They also spent a fair bit in the transfer market.

    So a very good job they look to be safe for at least 1 more season. Just 4 points away from the magical 40.

  • I’m not sure the Trust would agree with you with regards to how they were treated by the owners past and present Pablo. To demean what took place by putting troubles in quotation marks really does miss the point as to what the decision making at the time left them with and what they are fighting for now.
  • That troubles in parenthesis was so I didn’t have to write out the whole description. So you’ve managed to misinterpret my comment, disparage and jump to conclusion in one comment. Good going that. I’ll stick by my assessment that our takeover was nowhere near as serious as the original story. And I hope that we now forgive that episode in our history and move on
  • By the way Seajack, I’m one of the members of the trust that signed up during the petty era
  • They need Trevor, u fortuatly, and thankfully, he’s our man
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