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Apologies to Jasper T

Hi there Jasper, I want to shake virtual hands with you on here. We had a nonsensical spat over something very trivial, and I'd like to just extend the hand of friendship to you and apologise for words written in haste and in anger. your contributions on here are  well thought out, learned and backed up with facts and stats to support you point of view. I take my hat off to your greater knowledge on the technical side.
I felt bad about things, so felt compelled to contact you. We are after all both part of the brotherhood of Swans fans. So I hope you are well my friend and will accept my apology
I could even wipe the slate clean and extend that to @garythenotrashcougar and @Andrew2. Even with you two jokers I'm sure there is a crossover of opinion where we agree! so I'm doing a kind of spring clean. Life is short, we all have our troubles, but we can be united here. it is just football after all. so apologies Gary and Andrew. There's a long list of others I'm sure I've pissed off over time spent hanging round here like a football to you all.....sorry bout that! I get too passionately involved with my love of the Swans. I'm setting things straight. 
Looking forward to this weekend's game.  Hope it isn't ruined by the forecast of winds.  COYS!



  • This famous quote seems very appropriate today, as at the end of the day, we’re all together really, in supporting The Swans.
     So I’ll start it .......
                     “ I’M SPARTACUS ! “
  • Kirk was a great man. Helped out blacklisted friends and associates during the McCarthy witch hunt era. Plus an immense actor as well as having a social conscience. I’ll second that ‘I am Spartacus’! :)
  • @Pablo

    Do you know what, fair play to you, apology and olive branch accepted. In doing so happy to admit that I myself may have also overstepped the line so I'm also sorry for when that has occurred.

    I have a very piss-takey/sarcastic sense of humour which often doesn't translate very well on here - I think that sometimes has not helped. 

    While we are at it then, in keeping with what I have said above, I would like to extend my mea culpa to @Mark_Jack_London and @Colin_swansea - two posters who, only until very recently, I always corresponded well with and whose views I might not always agree with, but are always interesting and add to the discussion. What about it gents?
  • Gary I havent take any offence with anything you said to me on here, tbh, so no need for apologies.

    You've not called me a cnut of anything. We've disagreed. That's life. That's football.

    Opinions are like aholes, as the saying goes. We've all got one, but doesnt mean we like the smell coming out of someone else's hole  :joy:
  • Hi Lads,
    Can I add my mea culpa to the thread.I am undoubtedly an old softie and getting worse the older I get.
    Everyone's views are relevant and my responses have often been much too sensitive,and  based on instinct rather than any seriously though- through knowledge of the subject.Apologies for any pomposity and sarcasm that I have thrown out over the months particularly to Gary,Andrew,Phillip and Jasper .

    Let's hope for a good run of results this month.On balance, for me we have only a less than 50% chance of the Playoffs.

  • gary,
    It might be an age thing where some have more patience than others, but the bottom line however is that we are all passionate about one subject close to our hearts. Life's too short to take comments personally and as much as one could get wound up over comments my personal outlet in recent years has always been to get out on the golf course and battle with my golf swing. Apologies to yourself and anybody who I have offended in the past, it's never a dull moment following our football club whatever level we are competing at.
  • Well done guys!!

    However keep up the debate and for sure the difference in opinion.
  • Well, I must say, it is clear a path to peace that I am more than willing to accept, as long as everyone clearly understands that I am correct. I will accept a full apology from everyone on that basis.

    So Pablo, a full apology for all the ridiculous things you have said, accept I am right, you are always wrong and I will shake your hand.
  • I think I am going to be sick!
  • Steve said:
    I think I am going to be sick!
    Come on Steve. Join the love-in. Put your keys in the ashtray and let yourself go. 

  • Steve said:
    I think I am going to be sick!
    Come on Steve. Join the love-in. Put your keys in the ashtray and let yourself go. 

    Last time I did that I ended up with a Trabant :)
  • your sense of humour...all you guys crack me up. Gary, great that there is no animosity between us after so many negative exchanges. I take my hat off to you most of all. Andrew2 not sure if you're being straight up or ironic. Still it made me laugh a lot. I'll always extend the hand of friendship, but I obviously won't be apologising over any misconceived notion that you have, at any time, spoken anything of any accuracy. you've been way off the mark in fact. How could a person be so consistently wrong every time is the remarkable thing. 
    You get your kicks from slating the club at any given opportunity is the message I hear. You relish a loss in form so you can vent. I don't find that in any way constructive, but.....I've never ever thought you shouldn't post. 
    I get a feeling of dread when you pop up...but I'm sure even you must have your lighter moments. Only it isn't ever on here. I would still stick up for you though, and I've always tried to not be too insulting...though you do try a lot of people's patience on here.
    Anyway this is a very successful thread to me, especially in such a polarised world of divisiveness on the political front. Racism is sadly back with us and being openly expressed post Brexit, the media is pumping out propaganda  24/7 to keep people ignorant of the truth....yet a football forum where all those things have been going on in the background influencing society, shows a great deal of maturity lacking in our fascist crony government. We've shown that even the most opposing of views can coexist and all past indiscretions, arguments, slights and insults can be forgiven. 
    I think a kind of solidarity is emerging amongst us. Long may it continue! COYS  

  • I’ve being trying to imagine what Andrew2 looks like in a metaphorical form and the only thing I can come up with is the storm cloud in the Pink Panther’s Sprinkle Me Pink. For those who don’t remember it it’s the famous cartoon where a tiny storm cloud follows PP everywhere he goes hovering over him and showering on him much to PP’s dismay. Obviously this is humorous take on Andrew2 as I eagerly follow his posts whenever he posts with interest. I don’t recall any spats with you as such Pablo but if there has been thanks for offering the hand of friendship. Back at you either way.
  • edited February 13
    i don't remember any spats with you either Seajack. I  never carry them around anyway. I definitely have opposing views with a lot of people and hate personal attacks on players , managers and board...but that is perhaps more to do with me being like that in life. I would never say in a comments section what I wouldn't say to anyone's it poster or player or whoever for that matter. My credo so to speak. 
    I'm passionate about my team, can't help it. I've never once booed except under one instance - when Tony Petty was in town. Apart from that I'm annoyingly loyal. It's my loyalty that gets people's backs up. But I can't go in for pouring scorn myself. I don't see it as productive or very kind.
    And yes I remember that cloud cartoon! oh dear fits all too well....but I'm sure old git Andrew won't mind in this new era of forgiveness....he must realise that his views are unhinged and completely over the top....hope so anyway.   
  • As its Valentines day tomorrow are we sending each cards etc....
  • No cards, but I do like Cadburys chocolates if anyone's thinking of me <3
  • Cant wait for steak and blowjob day B)
  • edited February 13
    Aw, shucks guys !!!! o:)
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