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Irish Swans

edited March 18 in Swansea City
Happy St. Patrick's Day to any Irish users on the forum  :+1:

Just for a bit of fun seeing as it is St. Patrick's Day, can you name some Irish players who have made at least one senior appearance for the Swans.

I'll kick off with Tommy Butler and Ryan Casey.


  • Jack O'Driscoll in the 40's and 50's .After retirement was a Bookmaker in High Street for many years.
  • As a teenager (mid 60's) I remember the N. Irish wingers Jim McLaughlin & I think Humphries.  In particular McLaughlin tripping over the pitch as he tried to take a corner.
  • My favourite was Rory Donnelly - legend!!
  • Brian Murphy played a few games in goal and I seem to remember a defender called Pat McQuillan in the early 80's.  Was the 1960's goalie Johnnie King Irish too?
  • No. Got my wires crossed. King was Welsh but Kieron Durkan was another Irishman.
  • A couple of favourites of mine Terry Phelan from the 80s and Kwame Ampadu from the 90s.
  • Lee Trundle, and he likes Guinness 
  • Billy McAndless was the manager in the early 50's.He passed away during the season.
  • The great Noel Dwyer , goal keeper 1960/65 , played in the 
    F A cup semi final ,  

    The great man Harry Gregg who managed  the Swans 
  • Ronnie Briggs was a giant goalkeeper signed from Manchester United I believe 
  • I can't see any mention of this anywhere on the internet, so I have no corroboration, but I'm pretty sure that Sean McCarthy was picked once on the bench for Ireland, or at least made the squad.
  • Jeff,
    Sean was capped at Wales 'B' level during season 1992/3  and he made the short list for the 1994 World Cup Finals for the Republic of Ireland in the USA but was not included in the final 22 man squad.
  • Jeff,
    Sean was capped at Wales 'B' level during season 1992/3  and he made the short list for the 1994 World Cup Finals for the Republic of Ireland in the USA but was not included in the final 22 man squad.
    Thanks very much Colin.
    Not that he was really Irish anyway..... 
  • Right wing, Northern Ireland International Willie Humphries was a particular favourite of mine in the late 60's. 
  • Colin,

    Willie Humphries was a wonderful player and coach. I had the good fortune to be a member of the Swansea University team that won 2 successive UAU championships in the late 1960’s and Willie was our coach. He also conducted the F.A. Preliminary Coaching Course I took at the University. He was also a gentleman, a class human being.
    Colin, do you have any knowledge of his later history ?
  • Massjack,
    this is the information I have on Willie from my Swans A-Y, after he returned to Ireland. I didn't realise he coached at the University, and I wonder if students-defender Peter Suddaby(later Skelmersdale and Blackpool) and keeper Mike Hooper(later Mangotsfield and Liverpool) were coached by Willie during their time at the University. 

    Returning to Castlereagh Park, Ards for a third spell after being released by the Swans in June 1968, he gained further success on the field, Irish League Runner Up in 1973, Irish Cup Winner in 1969 and 1974, Gold Cup Winner in 1973, Gold Cup Runner Up in 1974, County Antrim Shield Winner in 1972, County Antrim Shield Runner Up in 1970, Blaxnit Cup Winner in 1974, and Carlsberg Cup Runner up in 1973 and 1974. In 1972 and 1974 he was voted Player of the Year in Northern Ireland. From season 1970/71 to 1978 he became player manager of Ards, finishing his playing career in 1976 at the age of 40, making a total of 578 appearances for the club, scoring 138 goals. Besides managing Ards he was also a Director of the football club, and also manager of the club’s Social Club until 1981 prior to him becoming manager of Bangor in 1982. He remained manager of Bangor on a part-time basis for three years as well as running his own Newsagent’s business, until selling his shop in 1991. Willie then got involved in Social Work in Bangor, getting involved in Residential Care for young people in Bangor prior to hi retirement. A keen walker, in 2005 he underwent a double by-pass heart operation.

    Hope the above is of use to you.

  • Colin,

    Thank you so much for the update on Willie Humphries.
    Yes, Peter Suddaby played on that University team before playing with Skelmersdale ( with Steve Heighway ) and
    Blackpool ( with Emlyn Hughes ). Peter and I also played together at Wycombe Wanderers before he became Academy Director with Spurs. We have stayed in contact over the years but he sadly suffered a stroke last year and is not in the best of health. Another player on the same University team was 
    Phil Raybould who later played for the Swans - unfortunately I lost contact with Phil many years ago. I don’t think Mike Hooper played under Willie.

    Thanks for allowing me to reminisce at this stressful time.

  • Massjack,

    Phil Raybould left the Swans signing for Newport County in 1969. He later joined Barry Town and then Bridgend based Everwarm before I was told he had emigrated to Australia.

    After many years in the wilderness Swansea University has re-established itself in football and appear to be a good bet for promotion to the Welsh Premier League this season.
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