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Don't know why there is no thread on this. It's a serious issue everywhere, 6 days in lockdown here, don't know exactly how it's being observed in other parts of Spain but very quiet here, the supermarkets have a decent amount of stock and generally it is being observed. Having seen a bit of UK tv today I get the feeling it's not being taken seriously, starting from Johnson who has suggested half hearted piecemeal measures until today, it's too little too late, typical tory attitude and will leave many in big trouble with complete lack of leadership. Take a closer look at what is happening here and in Italy. Stay at home folks ,this is the thin end of the wedge


  • Good call Malaga. The government should've put us into lockdown at least at the start of the week.
    The sooner we crack down the sooner we can crack on.
  • Malaga.
    Thanks for your info, and your updates. 
     My best wishes go out to you, and your family, (if they are with you) as a fellow Jack ******, while enduring your self isolation. 
     Considering what’s gone on around the globe previously with this virus, I’ve found it incredible, the lack of urgency/ guidance in the past few weeks, by The Government advisers, plus Johnson. 
    Let’s hope in the next few weeks, we pull together as a country, and don’t only look out for No 1.
    Doesn't augur well, when you see the panic buying, and the profiteering.
    As you so rightly said, this is the thin edge of the wedge. 
    A strong government should step in, as if on a war footing, and rewrite the rules that we will now have to abide by. 

    Que tengas un buen día. 

  • it's not being taken seriously, MJ.

    Friday, 5pm, Johnson announces pubs and clubs to shut on Friday, because people were ignoring the warnings.

    My mate in North London said, as a result, everybody up in his neck of the woods all piled down the pubs for a last piss up!

    Swansea is still very busy. Lots of cars on the road and people out.
  • Day 7 here of lockdown, almost 25,000 cases here with over 1,300 deaths. Confinement being observed well here and supermarkets have almost everything as normal apart from anti bacterial/cleaning products. No panic buying, all staff and most customers wearing gloves and masks and keeping distance. In parts of Malaga city there were quite a few cars on the road. There is still the 8pm clapping and banging of pots daily to support the medical workers and others on the front line. Will try and put some photos on when I go out next but I am only going out when necessary, so not for a day or 3. Keep washing those hands.
  • Thanks for the responses, Mrs M and me and the dog are ok  :grin:
  • I took a walk on Wind St a couple of days ago and had a peep inside the bars, and yesterday drove past the Potters Wheel - all quieter, but there were still a number of people in the bars. What amazed me was that most, as far as I could see, we're loads of people with white hair i.e. in their 60s and 70s. The stupidity is beyond belief. London has been even worse from what I gather.

    He should have shut the pubs a fortnight ago. Incompetent bumbling fool.
  • my mum said the Uplands was bouncing last night, before the full lockdown of bars

  • Crikey I wish I had white hair.
  • edited March 21
    It's been madness to leave entertainment places and eating places open for so long,just advising people not to use them was so naïve as to be criminal.
    I think we'll pay for it in the next couple of weeks.The NHS people know full well what is coming despite all the calm words, and they will be stuck with the burden as a result.
    There is a difference between avoiding panic and being criminally complacent.
    Now the private hospitals are allowing their resources to be used,after a great financial deal no doubt.More cream for friends of the Govt  perhaps?They should have offered the resources in the first week and otherwise the Govt should have requisitioned them and taken the staff onto the payroll while the crisis lasts.

    Rant over.

    Keep safe everybody, and obviously all  your loved ones too!!!
  • I've been completely unable day after day to buy anything antibacterial - hand San, cleaning spray anything. I was laughed at when I asked a member of staff in Boots.

    couple of days ago I read about a gin distiller somewhere who, off their own back and, seemingly for motives more virtuous than profit, was using all their equipment to make sanitiser.

    i don't want to let the fact that I hate this Government make me blame them for everything at a time of crisis but I do think they should have had the foresight to be artificially boosting the hand sanitiser supply about three weeks ago. Especially if they've then got the neck to come on telly and say supply chains are fine.
  • Lack of foresight/planning or complacency, I don't know, not saying the Spanish government is better but at least they acted swiftly when they saw what was coming, no filibustering, tory small government approach will not cut the mustard in this crisis. Plenty out on the balconies tonight supporting front line workers

    An excellent article with two extremely pertinent paragraphs

    "As the pandemic began to develop, we would receive daily guidance from Public Health England (PHE) on whom we should swab and what kind of isolation advice to give. Initially, we were swabbing people with significant travel history and respiratory symptoms. The numbers climbed: 20, 30, 150, 450, 1,000 … By 10 March, the reality of community transmissions was apparent. The question of travel history became irrelevant."

    "So, please stay at home if you can, avoid unnecessary social contact, keep washing your hands and practise good basic hygiene. Stop stockpiling unnecessarily. Think of the frail and vulnerable the next time you go and clear out a whole shelf of food you won’t need. Think of them when you venture outside when you have symptoms. Whether we like it or not, we’re all in this together."
  • Agree with everything that's been said. Watching the Sunday morning discussion on Sky Sports last week where one of the pundits stated that it was ludicrous for the match between Liverpool and Athletico Madrid to go ahead at Anfield. 3,000 fans came over from Madrid, many no doubt carrying the virus. Two weeks earlier fans from Lazio (?) travelled to Lyon. We've certainly closed the stable door after the horse has bolted. Take care one and all, and assist those less fortunate than yourself, whenever you can.
  • Remember the quote

    ‘Once we have settled our accounts, we will take back control of roughly £350m per week’ – Boris Johnson

    Now that Brexit is sorted it is good that there is this "slush fund" to support the country through Coronavirus. Or am I missing something living here in Canada????

    I learnt a new word this week it is "twunt" - When I looked it up in the dictionary there were pictures of Boris and Farage.
  • Lockdown to be extended here til Apr 12, was expecting that and won't be surprised if it goes beyond that too, has to be approved by Congress but imagine that will be a formality, at least we had rain overnight, desperately needed to top up the reservoirs.
  • Oh and I forgot. We can also blame the idiots who let the Cheltenham Festival go ahead? Crazy!
  • Welcome to lockdown folks, day 10 here, hope yous have what you need to manage the coming days and weeks, at least going for a walk or bike ride is allowed over there, embrace the situation will help, iam currently watching a rerun of the '98 world cup final on Gol TV with a glass of red. Stay safe and as Richard Thompson once sang... keep your distance  :smiley:
  • Well, the stats make grim reading here today, the next 2 weeks of lockdown are going to be stricter, at least there's plenty of supplies in the supermarket. The military will be along in the coming weeks to disinfect the streets. The medical workers are short of protective gear here, and some Uci units are at the point of collapse. Sound familiar? In the Netherlands gps are calling elderly and people with health problems to ask them to stay at home so their bed/ventilator can be given to someone with a better chance of survival. Tories clapping the NHS, you've got to laugh haven't you, hypocrites.
  • Worrying times Malaga no doubt we will see things developing along those lines here too.Watched your video and being well over 65 I had always anticipated that they will have to choose to concentrate on younger people eventually.
    Keep safe and keep your chin up.
  • Troops on the street down in marbs, all quiet here tractor just been along disinfecting the streets, 16 days down, another 14 to go but probably going to be more, un saludo
  • Anyone wanting to read something as a diversion from this crisis, try this....

    Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo

  • I just cannot get my head around this. Why is it that the vast majority of people in the UK are abiding by these very severe rules on staying at home and preventing social contact with others, thus preventing the rapid spread of the virus. Yet if you look at the live flight radar over the UK each day there are numerous incoming flights from the most affected areas in the world (USA/Spain/Italy etc). Are these passengers being tested for coronavirus at our airports upon arrival? I very much doubt it. WHY? 
  • It's a mess, Hoofhearted.

    The Germans are managing 100k tests a week and we are not getting to 10% of that. All because of a shortage of some component which is apparently a huge surprise to the actual experts who deal with this stuff.

    And apparently we didn't join the collective EU procurement of ventilators because we didn't get the email. Although we were apparently a member of the working group which went through the planning in detail up to that point.

    But the media aren't holding the Govt to account because the BBC has been neutered and 'independent' stations like LBC are the provisional wing of the Tory Party. And don't get me started on the tabloids.
  • As the crisis deepens in the UK, what's the latest in Spain Malaga? If you don't mind me asking.
  • As the crisis deepens in the UK, what's the latest in Spain Malaga? If you don't mind me asking.
    Well the numbers have been falling the last few days so we have passed the peak, the lockdown has been extended to Apr 26 and the president has said it's likely he'll be back to parliament to ask for another one after that but if the number of cases continues to fall it will be with less restrictions. The nightly applause continues with the same vigour and supermarkets still pretty well stocked. There is a tractor coming round disinfecting the streets regularly. Still got beer in the fridge, cheers hoof
  • Thanks Malaga. Update appreciated.
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