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Swans pre-match line-up

Can anybody tell me the occasion for a pre-match line-up


  • Ok, I’ll take a plunge Colin.

    It’s 1954 and in memory of the late Bill McAndless (& scout Glyn Evans?).

    The crowd is too sparse for it to be a League game, so I’m guessing it’s what would’ve been the traditional Swansea A v B team pre season trial match.
  • Whoops, if the event is correct, it’s the following year, 1955.
  • Yes, it was a minute silence in 1955 following the death of manager Billy McCandless prior to a pre-season trial match between the Whites and Greens.
  • There are a couple of light-hearted anecdotes about McCandless in Mel Nurse’s autobiography that tell a lot about the relaxed attitude to 1950s management & coaching.  McCandless was highly successful - promotions with 3 Welsh clubs - but seemingly had no interest in directing players before, during or after matches - his role seemed to be comfortably limited to making recommendations to directors as to who to sign & then expecting the players to work things out for themselves on the pitch, probably pretty typical for the time.  Mel relates that McCandless fell to his death off the roof of his garden’s pigeon shed in Fforestfach.  There’s a suggestion drink may have been involved.  Different times!
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