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Swans set tentative training return date

From the BBC:

Swansea City head coach Steve Cooper says the club are working towards being back in training on 16 May.

Football across the UK has been suspended since early March because of the coronavirus pandemic, with no firm date yet for resuming matches.

Cooper says Swansea will obey whatever decisions the EFL makes regarding when or whether the season restarts.

"There's still some assumptions.. but you've got to work towards that (16 May)," Cooper told BBC Sport Wales.

"We're following the latest guidelines both from the Government and the EFL, we're still in the lockdown and I think the next update is 6th or 7th of May.

"A few weeks ago the EFL talked about not returning to training before the 16th of May and then they talked about 56 days to play the remaining nine games and the play-offs.

"We've done some plans around that... until we get told something different by the Government or the EFL then that's what we'll stick to."

Regardless of whether the squad can return to group training next month, or whether the season is even completed, Cooper is confident his players are fit and healthy.

"We haven't had any cases (of Covid-19) reported with the players and the football staff, yes the players are fine," he added.

"We've been through different phases from when the league was postponed on the 13th of March.

"There's been differences in the programmes we've asked players to follow, some of it being rest time as well because we're still in the unknown."


  • This sounds ridiculously early to me and strange that the provisional date of 16th May is set without setting a provisional date for re-starting matches - they should set the fixture date at the same time as firming up the start of training. 
    How are they going to ensure that players are tested before any close contact training is done?
    How often will they be tested?
    They shouldn't be given any tests in preference to key workers and their families - no way. I can't see how they are going to get around this sensibly and morally.
    If they do re-start it say in June, they've already said it is "likely" to be behind closed doors. Well, first of all they need to make that "definitely" because it would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

    Personally I don't think I will sit in my Liberty seat until November at the earliest.
  • Nearer November 2021 more likely!
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