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Opportunity for change?

Most of us are missing our 'football fix' but a critical moment in our love of the game will soon be upon us and the opportunity to explore / negotiate the many aspects of the game that are open to abuse, contracts, wage caps, governance etc. This opportunity should be explored by those who can make the changes happen while for the fans even when the time comes for the stadiums to be re-opened fans' confidence will be severely tested.


  • @Colin_swansea - this thread is incorrectly titled. Opportunity for change suggests that no change remains an option.
    The question is more "how do we control change to ensure survival?"
    Personally I would be pre-emptive at our club and start to plan for a world where the max salary is say $10k per week and the average salary is more like $5k. The academy will need restructuring but continued investment. If that means letting the likes of Ayew walk then so be it.
    Yes - we will see a team of youngsters finding their way in the game bolstered by a bunch of loan players and committed professionals with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.
    Normally this would be a recipe for relegation - BUT I think our competition will be dragged kicking and screaming into this new reality and I like our production line of talent better than most.

    Academies and scouting networks will be the new focus, and the potential to sell a player or two each year to support the "bottom line". Difficult and grim - but it would position us to exist where many clubs literally disappear.

    Thank god we had already started swigging the hard medicine before COVID 19 left us stuck with many more ridiculous contracts and little/no revenue.

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