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Impact of the pandemic on the club's finances

edited May 18 in Swansea City
Can anyone tell me:
- How many Swans matches were televised in the 2019-20 season before the lockdown?
- How many of the remaining nine were scheduled to be televised?
- Has the club said anything about refunding season ticket money?
- Has anyone said anything about whether parachute payments will be affected by any reduction in broadcast income?

Thanks in advance!


  • One more question. Can you think of any reason why clubs in the Premier League and Championship shouldn't live stream all their remaining games, allowing season ticket holders to view for free and charging everyone else to watch? As long as the games did not clash with any of the pay-per-view matches screened by broadcasters who stump up the TV revenues, I can't see why that couldn't replace a substantial chunk of match-day revenues that would otherwise be lost.

    If they were really smart, they'd also sell over-priced drinks as part of the package, on condition that no one actually drank them in front of the TV. And occasionally refuse to sell them to away fans for no apparent reason.
  • I think the government are in talks with all concerned to see if they can be aired free of charge even on council telly ( bbc and itv )  even at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon basically to prevent hordes of fans congregating outside of stadiums to cheer on their teams and making the social distancing a bigger problem  than it needs be 
  • Thanks for that enaitch. Not sure how many fans would actually do that in practice when they could watch it on the box but I guess better safe than sorry. 
  • Sorry for the late reply Cad but it seems the wheels are truly in motion even bbc got 5 games to air . Although in my opinion the lifting of lockdown in some parts of the country should not be happening yet as the daily figures are the highest in Europe at present
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