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EFL Statement: Sky Bet Championship returns to Sky Sports

As part of a new and innovative arrangement between the EFL and Sky Sports, which will see the
broadcaster show 45 games live, Season Ticket holders at all Sky Bet EFL Championship Clubs will be
given unprecedented access to watch the conclusion of the 2019/20 season online.

The Championship season will resume behind closed doors on June 20 live on Sky Sports, and work
has been undertaken to ensure Season Ticket holding supporters are given the opportunity not to miss
any of the action, whether the games take place home or away.

Sky Sports will broadcast 30 of the remaining 108 Championship matches alongside exclusively
showing the 15 games across all EFL divisions in the Sky Bet Play-Offs. The 30 live League fixtures will
also be streamed on a Club’s iFollow (or equivalent) service, where access will be provided for Season
Ticket holders.

Supporters should note the following:

• Access to the games will be determined by the Club where the supporter holds a Season Ticket
• Access may be in lieu of a refund or part of a wider package as determined by each individual

In addition, the remaining 78 matches will be streamed exclusively live, again with access available to
Season Ticket holders as identified above. Non-season Ticket holding supporters will able to purchase
these games for the current match price pass of £10. Sky Sports will show the “goals as they go in”
from these matches.

The 30 live Sky matches will also be available to the EFL’s overseas broadcasters via the League’s
partnership with Pitch International. The other games will be available for supporters of EFL Clubs
outside of the UK, either as part of already purchased season passes (for their respective Club) or to
buy on an individual match-by-match basis

The decision to structure this arrangement in such a unique way has become possible as a result of a
settlement deal agreed between the EFL and Sky following the postponement of the competition earlier
this year, and is one that has limited financial impact on the existing arrangement with the broadcaster
at a time when EFL Clubs have lost a significant income stream through a lack of gate receipts.

The fixture schedule is in the process of being finalised, alongside the revised broadcast selections, with
EFL games set to take place at the following times (or as otherwise agreed):

- Friday – 6pm and 8pm
- Saturday – 12.30pm, 3pm and 5.30pm
- Sunday – 12pm

- Tuesday – 5pm, 6pm and 8pm
- Wednesday – 5pm, 6pm and 8pm

The broadcast selections made prior to the season suspension will now not apply, and Sky Sports will
start this process “from scratch” with first selections expected to be available early next week.
EFL Chair Rick Parry said: “I would firstly like to thank the team at Sky Sports for their patience and
support whilst we have worked through some of the complex issues surrounding our agreement that
have arisen as a result of live sport being unable to take place due to the current crisis.

“There is no question that COVID-19 has detrimentally affected all industries and, whilst we have only
ever wanted to return when it is safe to do, we have always understood that when we did, we had to
balance the requirements of our broadcast partners with the unique and challenging financial
circumstances that our Clubs face.

“We are delighted to have reached such an agreeable and sensible arrangement that ensures the
financial impact to Clubs is minimised, Sky Sports are able to get their football business back up with
one of the most eagerly anticipated Championship run-ins in years and, importantly, fans get access to
games during a period where guidelines prevent them from attending in person.”

Sky Sports Managing Director Rob Webster said: "The partnership between Sky Sports and the
EFL supports clubs and their communities across the country. We are pleased to have reached a
solution which works for them; and appreciate the positive and collaborative spirit of the negotiations.

“The availability for existing Season Ticket holders to stream matches from their Club platform will
compliment Sky Sports in telling the complete story of the climax to season.”

Quest will also provide extended highlights on both Saturday evenings and midweek, whilst talkSPORT
will provide exclusive national radio commentary on some Championship matches.
Championship Season End Date

Following further consultation with EFL Championship Clubs this week, the season will still commence
with match 38 on the weekend of 20 June, with match 39 taking place on Saturday 27 June. This minor
amendment to the schedule will result in the last match of the regular season being on the midweek of
21 and 22 July with the Championship Play-off Final on either Sunday 2 or Monday 3 August.

- The broadcast selections will be agreed w/c 8 June 2020
- The Sky Bet Play-Off matches will be exclusive to Sky across all three divisions and will not be
eligible for Clubs for streaming on any basis
- Those matches not live on Sky and available for Clubs to stream on their websites exclusively,
will not be available on the Sky red button service
- Further details in respect to the streaming of matches, Season Ticket holder access and
associated matters will be provided early next week
- The restart date of June 20 is on the strict proviso that all safety requirements and Government
guidance is met; and that Clubs receive clearance from their local authorities in order to stage
matches at their home grounds
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