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Wales Nations League Matches Unchanged

UEFA also confirm that Nations League fixtures will go ahead on the original dates as planned.

Sept 3: Finland v Wales
Sept 6: Wales v Bulgaria

Oct 10: Rep of Ireland v Wales
Oct 13: Bulgaria v Wales

Nov 13: Wales v Rep of Ireland
Nov 16: Wales v Finland


  • 4 pull out of the opening fixtures.

    Roberts, Brooks and Ramsay out injured.

    Ash Williams pulled out - for 'personal reasons'.

  • Baffles me why Doidge and Hedges as in form players arent chosen

  • Cannot understand why these matches are still going ahead. Basically, they are international friendlies. FFS the world is still in Covid turmoil! The second wave is imminent. Should we only be playing meaningful matches. And in saying that we should abandon the Caraboa cup. Another waste as the clubs don't appear to give it much kudos! Pardon my negativity, but this is just crazy.

  • they're not friendlies anymore. it's linked to the Euros and the World Cup now.

  • Yes, I understand that MJL. I should have chosen my words with greater care. But the point that I was trying to make is that Covid 19 is still a world crisis, and there are some sporting events/fixtures that should be postponed until the world is a safer place. But when will that be? How long is a piece of string? I just don't think that the Nations League/Caraboa Cup should go ahead.

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