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Player of the season 2019-2020

edited July 20 in Swansea City
What a strange season it's been , started in August 2019 still going in July 2020 , no fans since football came back , 5 subs , drinks break , extended contracts , testing and PPE

This time last year after what seemed  a successful  season we had a choice of many players for player of the season , Grimes , Mcburnie  , James , Van De Hoorn and Celina all did well ,
This season more successful  really struggling  to choose mine,  Grimes struggled at times , now playing better , Van De Hoorn injured  for 7 months , Celina hasn't  played enough , Ollie and Dan sold ,

Started  the season with Borja and Surridge  finished with Ayew and Brewster  , my choice for player of the season  Andre  Ayew , lead from the front lots of goals and assists  , rarely gets injured , although a pain in the arse for team structure gives everything  every game ,

Young player Ben Cabango ,

Who would yours be ?


  • Agree AA along day long. Class act. 
  • If it will add to his transfer value then yes lets make him player of the year. On his performances he was the most consistent - on value for money he would not make the short list.
    I think Matty Grimes has been the best of the bunch - he tried to pass the ball for the majority of the season when most of his teammates abandoned this fundamental..

    So Ayew gets the vote followed by Matty - young player between Woodman and Cabango.
  • It’s the weakest field for player of the year I can remember in a long while. I can’t think of one player who emerges with any great credit to be perfectly honest. Most players who were already there have gone backwards this season. 

    For this reason I’m going to go a little bit left field and choose Rhian Brewster. His impact on the team since January has been notable - 9 goals in 18 appearances and only 20 years of age, playing regular first team football for the first time in his career. No mean feat. 
  • A sign of a good season is that you make your personal choice and feel kind of bad for one or two who you didn't choose because they might have deserved it. Ive not seen anything like the minutes many of you have but, with the exception of Ayew, I don't see anyone I think deserves the award.

    I think the manager used Ayew terribly for most of the season, and I know I'm far from alone on here wanting him more central, but I almost feel like I'm choosing him because he generally tried the hardest not because he was brilliant. He was quite good. So he gets it.

    Before anyone criticises my pessimism when we are on the edge of the playoffs, the fact that we are behind Cardiff and recently Millwall illustrates to me that we could have made the playoffs at a canter playing intelligent passing football.
  • Another reason it's been a strange season , our most successful  season for a long while but no outstanding player , where last year there were many , 
    Brewster has done really well , Ayew 15 goals and 6 assists  is impressive  ,

    The defence  regardless of personal  has done brilliantly  to lose just 4 games on the  road ,
    Defending on set pieces very impressive  , 
    So maybe  no outstanding  player , just good old fashioned  teamwork  
  • Ayew for me. His contribution goals wise has been invaluable to putting us where we are now in the league. And his contribution as a true leader makes him the true captain of the team maybe not by name but certainly by example. Without him we would have been screwed in my opinion.
  • If Martin Margeston were a player - we went from being a team where a corner was as good as a penalty for the opposition to the best set piece defending in the league (with one of the smallest and youngest defences). he has done an awesome and unsung job!!
  • I would go with Ayew, top scorer many assists, defends well, doesn't stop running, rarely injured, always shouting and encouraging the team 
  • Ayew for POY for me. Cabango for YPOY. The impact Brewster has made in his short time with us is impressive though
  • The most consistent player this season has to be Naughton, for me. But that seldom brings the POY Award.

    I think it has to be Ayew, not just for his goals, his defensive work has been impressive too. But his best quality has been his leadership on and off the pitch.

    As an International Captain, he could quite easily have scoffed at Cooper coming into the club, with his lack of managerial experience. And also when the big money move didnt come in for him he could have reacted badly.

    But he has shown to back the manager both in words and actions. He has been a great help to Grimes as his #2. And again, he hasn't either undermined Grimes when really Ayew is more the natural club captain.
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