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Match Discussion: Swans v Brentford - Championship Play-Off Semi-Final 1st Leg 2019/20

edited July 27 in Swansea City
This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Brentford Championship Play-Off Semi-Final 1st Leg game on Sunday, 26 July at 6:30pm.

Referee Keith Stroud will be assisted by Andrew Fox and Mark Russell, with David Webb the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Swans v Brentford Head to Head stats when the sides have met in South Wales.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.

Here is the discussion thread on the meeting between the two sides at the Liberty Stadium back in October 2019, when the Bees ran out 3 nil winners.

Please note that the game is NOT available via SwansTV as Sky Sports have exclusive rights for the knockout matches as per EFL rules.

The game will also be shown outside the UK by the usual international rights-holding broadcasters of that country.



  • Early tea then or late tea
  • Play Off Rules please.
    1. Do away goals count
    2. Is there extra time on 2nd leg
    3. Pretty sure there is penalty shoot out
  • Martyn, the rules are:

    if the aggregate scores are level at the end of ninety minutes away goals do not count in the play-off semi final matches.

    Extra time is played.

    If the scores remain level at the end of extra time, then it goes to pens.
  • Delighted that (in probability) Kyle Naughton has not played his last game for the club - been a good servant. Any news on Woodman and Wayne?
  • Should be a really good tie over 2 legs , 
    Just watched 10 mins of highlights  from the 3 nil defeat at the Liberty  , although I was there and could see how good they were , we did create a few chances and on another day those chances go in   

    Their first goal they scored was top quality , second was an own goal and should  have been prevented  , 3rd goal we gave the ball away in our half and he finished  well .
    Our team set up and formation  will give them something  to think about , their front three of BMW will give us a lot of problems  , their midfield  is strong and what I do remember  is them running through our midfield and breaking quick 

    This team of ours has been resilient  all season and will relish the challenge  , Brewster  on fire , Ayew a handful  and the boys playing with confidence , our last 5 away games 3 wins and 2 draws scoring  lots of goals ,

    Going for a 6 = 5 win on aggregate,  buckle up it's going to be nerve racking 
  • A time for calm heads. So that's me out
  • It will be the last game at Griffin Park when we play the away leg.
    Could have made a difference if their fans were present, probably not without them.
  • I know people say you can throw form out of the table when it comes to the play-offs, but I am not so sure.

    Momentum and confidence will play a big part, as it did on Wednesday night, when Forest capitulated and Brentford, Fulham blew their chances and West Brom scraped over the line. 

    Is there pressure on us? Sure. But I think the pressure is bigger on the others. Not just the fact that the others were there and we sneaked in. But with Brentford, they will be mindful of the missed opportunity. The last game at Griffin Park. The new stadium. 

    For Fulham. Big money expectations. they've been in the top 6 all season. to miss out now would be a huge blow.

    We have nothing to lose, with a very young side, most had written off.

    But it is Cardiff who worry me the most. In some respects I'd love to play them in the final. Big open spaces for us to play football, and see them chase shadows.

    But lose that game, and we'd never hear the end of it.
  • Any ideas on how much we make out of these 3 possible TV games?
  • 4 quid and a kit kat
  • we get £120k for Sunday's game - television rights cash - as do Cardiff.

    Not sure why, But Brentford and Derby home games (2nd legs) get £140k!

    Both sets of fixtures, away sides get £10k.

    Not sure what the Final gives the teams.
  • we do have a few issues going in to tomorrow. Especially at defence again.

    Woodman is definitely out, but I thought Mulder did extremely well on Wednesday, and considering how little he has played...his experience will be invaluable too, I think.

    VdH injury is the big concern while Naughton is out suspended.

    If he cant play any part, then it is hard to see what options he has to play a back 3 and wingbacks.

    The only options I could see would be:

    1. Bidwell in on the left side central defence - we all know what happened at QPR when he played there, and he made a stupid challenge on Wednesday for Reading's pen, so I would be VERY worried of that move.
    2. Fulton in on the right side of central defence. Big ask. he has the height, and is good in the air. comfortable bringing the ball out. but has a lack of pace. It would mean Gallagher dropping back and then opens up a space for either Dhanda, Celina further up - as it sounded like Byers will not be fit for Sunday either.
    3. Grimes into the middle of a back 3. He did it for Potter. We loose his industry in the middle of the park, and he sets the tempo. Again it would mean Gallagher dropping back and Dhanda or Celina coming in further up.

    We need to be in the game come the 2nd leg, by which point Kyle will be fit, and so with no further injuries we have more options.

    But with Brentford's front line and pace on the flanks, it's a big concern.

  • we get £120k for Sunday's game - television rights cash - as do Cardiff.

    Not sure why, But Brentford and Derby home games (2nd legs) get £140k!

    Both sets of fixtures, away sides get £10k.

    Not sure what the Final gives the teams.
    Winners of the Play Off Final forego any payment because of the riches ahead in the PL and whatever cash is on offer it goes to the losing team
  • I'll settle for the same HT score as the Boston UTd play off game. Boston 5-3 Gateshead. Nat Lge Play off
  • yes, i recall that Colin. But cant find out what the cash is for the losing finalist.

    I think some of it will be based on gate receipts from Wembley - which wont be available.
  • Got a good feeling about his come on city
  • Really looking forward to tonight's game, I go in with absolutely no expectation - it still feels like a free swing, a lovely bonus just to be there.

    Totally different to 2011 when we had finished 3rd in the regular season having flirted with automatic promotion, and there was pressure on us to deliver. 

    The momentum is with us going into the game - we need to make hay while the sun shines. Here's hoping a few late fitness tests go our way too. 
  • Lets hope our home form hits a high as we have the worst home form in the top 10, hopefully their away record continues as they have the worst in the top 10.
    In the return leg we have one of the best away and they have the 2nd best home form.
    As long as we attack them we can do it, be cautious and it wont work, Barnsley threw the kitchen sink at them and won.
    Cooper did what he never did before against Reading, he took off 2 CB's and a holding midfielder, he had no choice and it worked.
    I don't think being that ambitious from the start will work but we need to put them on the back foot, a convincing win at home must be the objective.
    Brentford haven't won a single game from coming from behind and only managed a couple of draws.
    So although they are a class attacking team, they are no battlers, aggressive attacking will do them in 
  • I realised today that I am much more excited by the prospect of being involved in the joy of the playoffs (I've always loved them) than I am about the prospect of getting into the premier league. Does that strike a chord with anyone else?

    the worst development in football over my lifetime is the way the inequality of wealth has meant that so many clubs are striving for a prize that is usually a poisoned chalice. As a result, regardless of the club, stories like this years Sheff Utd play an important part in keeping me interested in football.
  • If we are to get anything out of these two matches we will need a better press to take them out of their comfort zone. An organised high-line press trying to force them to play long rather than their normal passing game, is what is needed imo.

    Just a bit of innovation for these matches please
  • First 25 minutes crucial for us. They are not used to the formation we play and we have to capitalize on that before their defenders get used to it. Biggest worry for me is they are fast on the counter attack and there willbe lots of space behind Roberts & Bidwell for them. Hope VDH is fit
  • I think with the lack of options at the back, with injuries and suspension, plus Brentford’s front firepower, I can only see a back 4 for us. 
    Hope this isn’t the case, as we’ve been totally revitalised with 3-5-2.
    Roberts & Bidwell especially, have both put in very good shifts, since the change of formation. 
    How long can they keep it up?
    Hope it’s 3 more {~:
  • Is there any news on who is fit at centre half?
  • Living in Canada, I've signed up to DAZN which streams all Premiership games in Canada, also they will stream all the Championship play-off games. First month is free and have to pay after that, but can cancel before paying.

    Good option to see the games  :)
  • edited July 26
    Unchanged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super sub Routs must be injured. Cameron Evans replaces him on the bench.

  • Cam Evans on bench for injured Routs. What position is he?
  • Martyn said:
    Cam Evans on bench for injured Routs. What position is he?
    Centre half.

    What a game to make your first senior matchday squad.
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