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All Season in One Game

At the end of watching the Reading match, I was left with the feeling, apart from overwhelming joy, it had encapsulated our whole season.

We started brightly with real intent and skill; we controlled the game by passing the ball and took an early lead with an excellent goal from Rhian. We then seemed to go into our shell and let them back into the match, while still maintaining some degree of control.

We then got a fortuitous advantage (!) with the red card and promptly blew it by giving away a dubious penalty and goal, ending the first half feeling we had left opportunities on the table and should have been in a better position.

The second half started and we seem to have lost our way, despite playing better passing game. About 3/4 of the way through the match we get a glimpse of the sublime with Routs goal which gives us renewed heart for what can be achieved.

We then played a patient passing game despite the pressure to deliver and with just over 5 minutes left in the match, one of our own (Liam) scores and we give ourselves a chance to finish the match on a high, with news that other results may be going our way.

The rest of the match is both calm and frenetic, and we go in pursuit of the almost unbelievable outcome. Some excellent passing and control with huge risks taken, and somehow at the very last minute, when all seemed lost, a gorgeous floated cross from Gallagher and up pops that Swansea Giant of a man, Routs, to head the ball home to generate scenes of joy, disbelief, and utter concern that the world would conspire to produce a even later outcome elsewhere to dash our hopes.

But no, it was true and we had achieved an incredible outcome. On reflection it did feel to me that 'All Season in One Game' had just played out in front of me.

So my question to you all is.

Was it all season up to the playoffs or all season to the end of the playoffs?

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