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Match Discussion: Brentford v Swans - Championship Play-Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg 2019/20

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Brentford v Swans Championship Play-Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg game on Wednesday, 29 July at 7:45pm.

Referee Chris Kavanagh will be assisted by Dan Cook and Sian Massey-Ellis, with David Coote the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Brentford v Swans Head to Head statistics when the sides have met Griffin Park.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.

In the second leg, if the aggregate scores are level at the end of ninety minutes (away goals do not count as a tiebreaker in the play-off semi final matches), extra time is played.

Please note that the game is NOT available via SwansTV as Sky Sports have exclusive rights for the knockout matches as per EFL rules.

The game will also be shown outside the UK by the usual international rights-holding broadcasters of that country.



  • Excellent to hear that SIan Massey-Ellis is running the line on Wednesday. Always had the highest respect for her skill and judgment as an assistant referee.
  • Any news on the Brentford red card appeal,bearing in mind that Frank was so 'upset' over it.
  • Brentford’s appeal against Rico Henry’s red card against Swansea has been upheld.

    The left-back will therefore not be suspended and will be available for Wednesday’s Championship play-off semi-final second leg at Griffin Park.

  • Red card has been overturned, so Henry will play tomorrow. STID
  • Unfortunate for us as he’s a great player 
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    Strange --looked a reckless and dangerous tackle to me.Then I am biased,just hope the Panel that decided this was unbiased.
  • Wasn't the greatest piece of judgement, but Henry got a lot of the ball. I am not surprised..
  • Well hopefully he gets sent off again just to add to the irony.
  • I know we can't go to Griffin Park but are there any London pubs that Swans are going to tomorrow night to watch the game?
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    something makes me think it was a bit 'political' both pundits, Mick McCarthy and other ****** on sky commentary were really biased about it. In fact they were really partisan throughout. Who cares...if that's how this London-centric tie is, so be it. more grist to the mill.  :p

    There's also this revisionist chestnut on the BBC website 'Brentford had dominated much of the game up until the 65th-minute dismissal ' I don't remember that at all. I think the first half was even but we were by far the better side second half and virtually from the kick off. Maybe I've Swans-eyes   B)  
  • Who is the referee for this game?
  • Chris Kavanagh from the Premier League
  • hmm according to whoscored we have not had him this season

    5th most used ref in the prem this season, slightly on the lenient side in terms of fouls, yellows, only 1 red in 26 games
  • If anyone has recommendations to get rid of the knots in my stomach then I’d be willing to listen 
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    I will do the same as I did for the first leg, a way to stay calmer watching the game.
    Mind you it also kept me more nervous prior to watching.
    I recorded the game, avoided the score and watched it after the game had finished.
    I, as many others, did not expect The Swans to be in this position at season end.
    Now that we are, I can only hope that they keep their form going and their fight for the club.
    I am praying that Siam Massey-Ellis will be our good luck charm as she used to be in Premier League days gone by.
    I also hope that the players that play in the game(including subs used) have the opportunity to really show their true worth and ability.
    Here's hoping for a good night.
    Good Luck to Steve Cooper and the boys.
  • Hoping we can get a result in the 90, if it goes to ET we will need those subs Steve  :grin:

    My choice for pens..

    AA, Brewster, Grimes, Fulton 0on
  • No penalties
    Swans win in 90 hopefully
  • Gareth08 said:
    I know we can't go to Griffin Park but are there any London pubs that Swans are going to tomorrow night to watch the game?
    I'll drink on my own, I'll drink on my own.....
  • Just to say, like all of us, I cant be there physically but my heart and soul will be with Steve and the team.

  • JackRaven said:
    Just to say, like all of us, I cant be there physically but my heart and soul will be with Steve and the team.

    Same here but OMG it's going to be a stressful evening.
  • Here's the Swans line-up....

  • Good luck to all the boys and Cooper tonight  , good side  ,
    Give those Bees a sting from me 
  • Watching Skysports news and they are a disgrace, its a Brentford love in woth no mention of Swansea.

    Hope the Swans stick it to the and ruin the final game at Griffin Park (a tin pot stadium for a tinpot club)
  • Always going to be the way @Chris_Sharman. Sky have always been favourable to Brentford and it's not even marginal. It's horrendous. Naughton for Cabango, not overly surprised. Naughts has been brilliant this season (and I'll hold my hands up, I was always a detractor of his in the Prem) 
  • Shocking bias.  Murdochs sky. Enough said STID
  • Pablo said:
    Shocking bias.  Murdochs sky. Enough said STID
    he's got nothing to do with Sky FFS!
  • FFS.... need to be sharper 
  • Defensively atrocious so far 
  • Or are the Bees vg?

    Some people would rather slag off their own team than praise the oppo.
  • Regardless of what happens by the end of tonight, you won't see too many 30 minute spells of such appalling defending as you've seen from us tonight. It defies belief. 
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