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Poor players or poor coach ?

I have seen enough drivel written since last night to last me four seasons. Lets be honest, the performance was awful, no skill, no movement , no passing, no idea. The ref did his part for us, another day the two main decisions could have gone against us.

Martinez or BR would have closed their eyes,it was truly awful, Grimes can hardly pass the ball 5 yards, I can not express my views on Fulton on here, but Neath League at best. First half of kick and rush, without the rush, second half of trying to pass at a pace so slow my gran can run faster.

So, is it the players ? Is Grimes that bad ? Nobody can be as bad as he was last night. Are they simply told to lump it ? Call it the "diagonal ball" if you wish, it was pathetic. Then , when we somehow manage to have a man advantage, what does Cooper do ? Nothing, he changes nothing, no pace , allows Fulton to remain on the pitch, astonishing. 

So, are the players that bad ? What would Roberto have done with these players ? Look what he did after KJ went, he transformed very average players into a team of footballers within days. Cooper, seems to have transformed some footballers into hoofballers with no pattern of play and no game plan, unless of course you think AKA Monk football is a plan ?
It was like watching paint dry, that is not SCFC, can you only imagine what would happen with this idiot if somehow by some good luck we ended up in the PL, it would be a disaster. 

Cooper is not the man for SCFC, he never was, and never will be, he will drain the life from the supporters and players as we saw when the crowd at recent games were just about asleep.


  • I thought the swans were heading for administration and relegation this year ... what happened to that scenario.. you’ve changed your tune on about getting to the premier now .. 
  • Andrew - haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh - you must be in pain my friend - imagine if we were to get promoted - wow ????????????????
  • Poor excuse for a supporter 
  • Must be a high tide. 
    I see the fish are biting again. 
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