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A view from the Far East

Bluebird23 said:Today 22:20

Harris - A Poundland Neil Warnock

Absolute dross, no passion or desire whatsoever, it was embarrassing. 

First 20 minutes apart, this was like a training game for Fulham who hardly had to get out of first gear, and deserved the win.

This was a Fulham side that struggled to get a point at Wigan last week, and were without the divisions top scorer.

How can we play such an important game at home, and after going one down, not even force the opposition keeper to make a save in the next 44 minutes? As soon as Fulham scored, their heads went down, there was no passion, fight or desire to make a game of it.

I don’t rate Harris at all, and I can’t understand some supporters or the media’s, love in with him.

I can’t respect a manager who described Ralls as a ‘Superstar’, and Glatzel ‘one of the best finishers I’ve ever worked with.’

Harris is no miracle worker, as he and some of the media try to paint him. Regardless of a couple of poor signings by Warnock, this was a squad easily good enough to make the Playoffs, in a poor quality division. Just look at our bench tonight, around £20 million of players, most of who would get in to other Championship starting sides.

If you want to see managers who’ve genuinely done fantastic jobs on limited resources in the Championship, look at Cooper at Swansea, and Rowatt at Millwall. Both have been exceptional.

Rowatt took a dire Millwall team that Harris left in a relegation fight, and transformed them to Playoff contenders, up to the last week.

Cooper saw Swansea sell their better players like McBurnie and James, a whole stack of injuries, but still took them in to the Playoffs. He had to stick a couple of young players on the bench, last night.

In the window Cooper added decent loan players who made an impact, in Gallagher and Brewster. Harris added err, Smith and Sanderson.

The local media rarely ask a challenging question. But I wish one of them has the balls to ask Harris why he picked such a negative side, and started Pack?

The improved form post break was based on Pack being dropped, and Vaulks replacing him. Since then Vaulks has been one of our better players, offering far more energy and attacking contribution around the pitch.

Pack is slow, one paced and offers nothing. He was playing deeper at times tonight, than Morrison.

He let Onomah walk around him for the opening goal, and offered nothing all game. Even worse, as terrible as he was, Harris left him on to play the whole game!

Personally, I’d like to never to see Glatzel and Pack, in a City shirt again.

A half decent centre forward would have had one, or even two goals in the first half.

Time and time again, we’ve seen that Glatzel isn’t physically strong enough at this level, and isn’t a decent finisher. We will never get our money back on him, when he leaves.

Throw in Harris’s cringeable Landaan barrow boy interviews and some of the crap he comes out with, and he makes me want to give my season ticket a miss next season.

One man to blame for that shite tonite, Neil Harris.


  • I see Andrew posts on a Cardiff website as well.
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