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'Eric The Half-Bee' - Cardiff's Play-Off Record.

Here's a cracker taken from their forum CCMB...
(author: Eric the half bee)

"Our playoff home form - it makes pretty grim reading.

7 playoff ties at home. Won 1, lost 6. Scored 3, conceded 13.

Where does that stand? Firstly, I thought I'd find out if losing 4 home playoff games on the trot was a record. It is. I didn't have to do much research to find this out. No other side in playoff history has lost more than 3 games at home in total. We've lost 6.

Our home win percentage is the second lowest of any side who have played 5 or more playoff games. Huddersfield have played 9 playoff games without a win, but they've at least drawn 6.

No side has failed to score at home as often as us.

Only one side has conceded more at home than us.

Pretty shit, ain't it?

To rub salt into the wound, Swansea have won 6 and drawn 1 at home in their 7 playoff games...."

And also from 'Goats,'

"We just ain’t a playoff team, or a PL club."

I just love it when they are in misery!!!

Never felt more like kicking the blues, when Swansea win...and blooooturds lose!
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