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Reflections on last night

Overall no complaints from me beaten by a better team which was put together for a lot of money over a long period. This Swansea team
was made up of young players and missing a few who might have made a difference. You can not fault the effort of this team over two legs they gave it everything. 

You now have to look at the current squad and asses the following 

Woodman - Loan Expired
Mulder - Out of contract
Naughton - Out of contract 
Van Der Hoorn - Out of contract 
Routledge - Out of contract 
Dyer - Out of contract
Gallagher - Loan Expired
Brewster - Loan Expired
Wilmot - Loan Expired
Kalulu - Loan Expired

Couple the above with the likely sales of Joe Rodon, Andre Ayew and Bersant Celina (who I will glad to see the back of) and you it’s no exaggeration to say Swansea will need 8-10 players.

I do expect Woodman, Naughton and Routledge to be be retained. 



  • Hi Charlie,  could see a starting 11 of 

    Cullen or Dhanda 

    That's if we sell , Rodon , Ayew , Celina  and don't  keep Naughton and Routledge   
    We also have John and Mckay
    What has happened  to Jack Evans  ?
  • Gallagher could be back as well.

    Hopefully Cooper will have realised from last night his best position is alongside Grimes as DMF.

    Get him to work on his first touch as well !!!

    We'll also get some more loans from top clubs as they'll all see how the likes of Brestwer and Guehi have developed here.

    I'd happily have Wilmott back for a year or as a permie.

  • Bit much to say we had a "team made up of young players" when the average age of the sides was about the same. 25.0 vs 25.4 first leg, 25.7 vs 26.0 second.
  • Malc said:

    What has happened  to Jack Evans  ?
    Jack Evans had the misfortune of going to Mansfield who had been going through a tumultuous time, with a new manager who hadn't seen him play in person before, and then they started picking up form and resembling the side they had been predicted to be at the start of the season. So he was on the outside looking in for a bit through no fault of his own, they were happy with what he was showing technically and physically in training from what I hear. 

    They had a game called off against high-flying Swindon which might have been the hammering needed to force the manager into making changes, and then the season ended early. Not the first player we've had to fail to make an impression on loan, and a few of those have come back and done very well indeed. He's a good player and on the retained list along with the other loanees Joe Lewis and Brandon Cooper. All could have parts to play next season, but all need to be playing football really.  Jack missed a year through illness but he's still on the older side for age group football and hopefully gets the break he deserves somewhere. 
  • sounds like Gallagher could come back.

    Cooper wants to keep Routs.

    I expect Ayew to go - he needs to as we cant afford his salary, no matterv how good he has been.

    VdH, Dyer will go. I expect Kyle too.

    I think Rodon will stay. His biggest suitors were Citeh, and they have just agreed a fee to sign Ake from Bournemouth.

    My big concern is replacing the goals, if we sell Ayew and cant get Brewster back. And how we offload the loanees.
  • how quick is Jack Evans? 

    One position we have lacked cover for is the middle of the park - for Fulton and Grimes. And someone with pace. 

    Could he fill the gap, Jasper?
  • If I may interject on the Jack Evan's debate, I have been advocating his introduction to the first team for some time now. He is faster than Fulton and probably on par with Grimes, so no slouch. He reads the game well and always looks keep the ball moving. Likes a tackle with a bit of dog in him. Definitely one who should be part of the first team squad next season.
  • A shame really that Jack was unable to show his ability on the pitch at Mansfield on loan this season but I would like to think the club can afford to offer both Jack and his brother Cam new deals as well as fixing loan moves for both players until the window re-opens next January.
  • I wouldn't say he's particularly quick, certainly not as quick as Grimes at a sprint. Evans is pretty similar to Fulton physically but he plays more on his toes so fewer players glide right past him. Quality defensive brain which is pretty rare in young midfielders. Doesn't just charge about, he also covers space well and doesn't mind a good tactical foul or winding opponents up (last 10 minutes of Wales U21's win over Bosnia last year he and Aaron Lewis put on a timewasting masterclass). 

    But for his illness he would have been ideally placed to come into the side under Potter (let's face it, if CBR managed it...). Was certainly the more natural fit for the position Byers eventually took up, and in that awkward period where Carroll and Fer were injured and Grimes was still being utilised as a left back who knows what might have been? Wasn't selected for the preseason tour (where expensive signings Adnan Maric and Ryan Blair were) but not sure old Graham had much input into that list.

    As cover for Grimes we'd struggle to bring in anyone on loan better/more experienced. PL academy kids will want to start, and it's not like our 17-18 team was poor by comparison with what some of those field (4th in the top division that season).
  • The thing is he needs to play now, not just hang around as injury backup for a player who doesn't miss a minute. Jack's in a similar position to DJ at the start of last season where he's desperate to play and willing to drop right the way down if that's what it takes. Only one year of u21s international football left, need to start making headway.

    One of Cardiff's young "wonderkids" Sion Spence (a Man City target the same time they were looking at Rabbi Matondo) just left them for that reason. Career stagnates stuck in the reserves.
  • Cameron Cooze was linked with Man City last week also
  • Cameron Cooze was linked with Man City last week also
    His agent must be beaming seeing that rumour get traction again. 
  • That's what agents are all about, getting some media attention for their 'clients' 
  • According to the Liverpool media. Liverpool were pleased with Brewster's loan spell and Cooper has shown a desire to extend it for another season.
    The stumbling block is that Sheffield United would like to take him instead of Billy Sharp who's sell by date is up.
    Do they let him come back knowing he is a favourite and will score goals.
    Or take a gamble on an early rise in the Premier league.
    It took Tammy another year in the championship with Villa to get that extra edge
  • Not sure Liverpool would consider loaning brewster to Sheff Utd after they treated Ben Woodburn. Would be a brilliant coup if he came back to us for another season. 
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