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I think the way the EFL have treated Wigan  is appalling  , to deduct them 12 points seems totally  unfair , 
No club in my opinion  should be sold in the playing season , then you wouldn't  have this problem  ,

Who came up with the 12 point penalty , 10 and they stay up , the players and fans must be gutted , off the field decisions  and not on field see their brilliant  run of 1 defeat in something  like 15 games , end in relegation, 

I think there is a few things that stink about this , maybe far east betting ?

Hope they win the appeal   


  • A bit unfair on Barnsley though. Any appeal should be settled before the final match so all teams know the position.

    In my opinion there should be fixed tarrif deductions for set events like going into administration. All clubs sign up before the season starts so there is no ambiguity and no appeals.
  • Not really they finished  in the bottom three  ,

    Unfair is why Birmingham  were docked 9 points  last season and Wigan 12 this season  ?
  • They where deducted the points because thats what the Rules demand .  If there is any blame here its jointly between the Previous owners and the fit to purchase check on the new owners.  or lack of it. 
  • Big Oak , don't  look at the prediction tracker , your predictions  are so wide of the mark your on another planet 
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