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Huw Edwards' The Story of Wales, includes a piece on the history of the Copper Mines in Swansea



  • Watched it Sunday evening , says how important Swansea and the docks were , the episode's I have seen is excellent for anybody who enjoys History

    Now you know where Copper bottoms come from Mark ,

  • Win the league and it will be Cooperopolis 😂

  • I've been watching the series on iPlayer and it is very interesting both from an historical view and that of being Welsh.

    I must confess to being somewhat ignorant to some of the detail prior to watching, but it has certainly refreshed my memory and given me a Welsh history lesson 👨‍🏫

  • What I didn't know , in 1760 Merthyr was a little village of just 40 homes , within 40 years it was the iron capital of the world with a population of almost 8 ,000 people ,

  • Last time I was there I was working in the Gurnos (admittedly about 10 years ago) - and it seemed to have returned to 40 homes and about 100,000 benefit mailing addresses.

  • There's some incredibly interesting stuff in this series I never knew.

    The Merthyr one was a big eye-opener. A slum back then, and today? One of the poorest towns in the UK.

  • Another interesting fact was the 2 biggest towns in Wales were Camarthen and Wrexham .

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