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My reading is p!55 off Sheffield, but strangely undecided on next year. What do you thnk?


  • He's going out on loan somewhere he will get to play

    PL clubs don't loan their youngsters to other top 7 or 8 PL clubs they only sell to each other

    Klopp says Rhian is one for the future

    So the club will decide where Rhian will get the best experience to prepare him for the season after

    Who else plays like Liverpool though?

  • By the way anyone heard where Mike VDH is going?

  • Could be a great signing for them , good team ethic Ollie great work rate , Brewster to convert the chances they make

  • For me not a team I'd want Rhian to go to, but that's happened before.

  • Played some good football last season , overlapping centre backs , brilliant wing backs hard working , and Ollie's graft , a good fit in my opinion,

  • @Malc

    Yes, just my prejudices, I dont like Sheffield Utd, so wouldnt want anyone going there if they are any good.

  • Apparently 10 clubs interested in taking him on loan in PL and Champs

  • O k no problem ,

    Must have been unhappy with Ollie going there .

  • Just a tad......


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    I can't see Liverpool selling a big prospect for a measly 15 million. Goalscorers are the most expensive. They don't need the money. they'll hold on to him for another season at least in my opinion. We have a chance to further develop him. Though Klopp may prefer a lower ranked PL side, but it will be one with a good footballing philosophy. might even be overseas as it's not been mentioned. But I think we still have a decent chance of him returning as we do try to play a sophisticated passing game that Klopp is a fan of.

  • also think Sheff Utd might struggle this season. They had surprise value last season. and they don't play the kind of football Liverpool do. I enjoyed watching them out-muscle many of the established teams but a repeat performance remains to be seen. would be very surprised if Brewster went there

  • in the last 24 hours Klopp has indicated that Brewster will start the season with Liverpool.

    Expect to see him on the Liverpool bench today.

    Best we can hope for is a January loan move. But for now, we move on, and get whatever alternative target that they must have planned for.

  • Coming on in injury time to take a penalty doesn't shout "key player" to me. If he'd played a longer role perhaps?

    I guess we'll see.

  • He missed the pen on purpose so he'd be allowed to come back, he loves Steve Cooper that much.

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