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Academy has been downgraded

edited August 30 in Swansea City

Looks increasingly likely the academy will revert back to cat 2 with immediate affect.


  • Have had the news confirmed but not the reason why, PL implemented because of staffing levels greatly reduced, or whether the Swans have decided to go down that road.

  • "Has been" or "looks increasingly likely"?

    With a number of new sides joining Cat 1 this season no surprise we might fall away from the big spender group.

  • As we all know, redundancy has been ongoing for twelve months while the scouting system has been dramatically reduced, no Head of recruitment appointed while the North Wales scout Lee Jones has left and virtually no education personnel remain for the classrooms.

    "The club has actually produced several top pros in recent years, most notably winger Daniel James, who is now at Manchester United. Swansea’s Academy has more than 100 full-time and part-time staff who support players from primary school age through to the U23s.

    Downgrading will mean both staff and player numbers being significantly reduced, along with coaching hours. The club’s ability to recruit players will also be affected."

  • Can't say its a shock really, I thought it would have been downgraded to Cat 3 so Cat 2 is better, redundancies was always inevitable with less money to go around. Big announcement on the playing front today/tomorrow.

  • I haven't heard that but I'm alluding to the first team

  • @jollyboy

    I hope its good news.

  • Could be Ayew leaving ?

    That would be a big announcement .

  • .....or Messi is signing for us!

  • I hope its good news too, my contact wouldn't elaborate

  • Perhaps it's Klopp is going to send Rhian to Sheffield utd.

  • Have i missed an official announcement from the club on this rather than websites reporting it?

  • Nothing has been officially confirmed

  • So we are downgrading our academy and arent balancing our squad this season because

    a) we have lost of cash to buy players next year so we dont need the academy

    b) a reduced academy wil still produce players of the right level so we dont have to buy players

    c) we dont really need a team we just need to get the off field side of the club working better.

  • edited September 2

    The BBC article mentions "It will also mean Swansea will be limited to a catchment area of where they can recruit new young talent from" but to clarify there is no restriction in Cat 2 (or 3 or 4) for where players can be recruited from in the scholarship age groups (16+). The 1hr/1.5hr travel limits only apply to younger, pre-scholarship players, and that isn't a business we've been involved in previously afaik.

    There might be some edge cases among the current scholarship groups but none of our current pros would have been excluded. Most joined the club when we were Cat 2 anyway.

  • The Professional Development League at U18 & U23 level will provide plenty of good quality matches against many teams we have struggled to beat in FA Youth Cup matches.

    The biggest problem I can see is the actual recruitment of youngsters as this department is threadbare

  • Imagine it's a straight swap with us and Palace in PDL South. They really struggled last season, ironically.

    Still the requirement for clubs to use their home stadiums for a selection of matches through the season. An extra south Wales derby at the liberty, perhaps?

  • Apart from Crystal Palace last season's South Group comprised,

    Watford, Coventry City, Millwall, Charlton, Cardiff City, QPR, Bristol City, Ipswich Town and Colchester United.

  • Worth remembering that as the first stage of the Academy being mothballed gets underway, our wonderful co-owner Mr Kaplan trousered around £63m in investment dividends over a two-year period not so long ago.

    "Hard medicine" for us. Not for him though.

    The worst thing to happen to the club since Tony Petty.

  • The shame of it all is that the WoL article is basically an unofficial statement which for one reason or other our owners are unwilling to answer.

  • Steve Cooper's comments on the BBC sport article are very interesting

  • Not going to post them?

  • Posted it on the Birch leaving thread as there is lots on that as well, but here it is

  • Yes. he seems to point the finger at the CFO, Gareth Davies, who has replaced Birch on the Board.

  • If I was Steve Cooper, I would button it about what's going on off the pitch until I was capable of showing I was in control of what's happening on it.

    Julian Winter and Gareth Davies would be well within their rights to tell him to pipe down and focus on the football. Especially after yesterday's debacle.

    Also, don't doubt for a minute that there's an element of getting his excuses in early here. He knows he was Birch's man, and deep down he will know that by Christmas he was a very lucky boy not to have been sacked after some of the performances he'd dished up. Winter's new. There's no onus on him to keep someone else man.

    Bluffers like Cooper are usually good at planning their exit strategy - by chopsing about the board now, if he's sacked later on he can shift blame on to them saying he didn't get support etc. That's how muppets like him, Clement and Monk continue to get gainful employment. They can talk a good game at interview with a compendium of ready made excuses for why they failed in their last job.

    Worth keeping an eye on this as the season progresses.

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