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Brentford sign Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney, striker from Peterborough (value £360k) has just signed for Brentford. Sounds like they have signed up the replacement for one of their strikers, who is likely to be off.


  • I will very surprised if the fee is anywhere near what you quoted especially when you consider how canny the likes of Barry Fry and owner Darragh MacAnthony

  • Reported as £5M rising to £10M.

  • If that is the price for a young striker, we wont be getting a permanent one. I'm not sure what he has done to warrant that level of fee.

    Or perhaps Fry and McAnthony just worked out how much money Brentford would be getting from their sales and made sure they got their share.

  • Perhaps its the 26 Lge and cup goals he scored last season and the 49 from 94 lge and cup apps since joining the club from Newcastle United.

    Not a question about the money Brentford will receive when Watkins is moved on, more of Fry's ability to spot youngsters, polish them up and move them on for profit. Assombalonga, Dwight Gayle, Ryan Bennett, Jack Marriott etc.

  • Peterborough have always brought young talent through their ranks from Simon Davies , Jack Collision , and many more ,

    Jack Collison is recommending a young player from the Posh to West Ham ,

  • Well sounds like another good buy by Brentford although they tend to look further afield, perhaps they are getting a little more conservative in their dealings.

    Fry does believe he is worth £50m so a bit of an investment.

  • Very surprised Ollie Watkins is going to Aston Villa for £28 =£33 Million , would you say he is that much better than Ollie Mc or Maupay ?

    Brentford doing really well again with their recruitment , I think they bought him for under £2 million

    Alfie Mawson gone to Bristol City , they appear to have made some good signings

  • in short - yes - I was VERY impresssed with Watkins and i believe he will light up the top level. Don't know much about Toney, other than he knowswhere the net is - but the championship is a big step up and a brutal education.

  • £28m is an absurd price though. Whoever is running the show at Brentford are pulling off miracles.

  • I hope AS can work similar magic here.

  • pretty sure scott is signing the likes of Akande etc at the moment and not making signings for first team.

  • @Risc

    While that's good, we have a bit of a pressing need.

  • Villa have a (bad) habit of overspending, especially as Watkins had a lower buyout clause, by all accounts.

    He's a very good player. Should make the step up, but may take him some time, like Che Adams did at Southampton, and Maupay at Brighton.

    Toney scored for fun for Posh - 1 in 2. But struggled for goals before he arrived there. Whether that was because of the teams/tactics he played in. Or just down to his inexperience, is hard to say.

    But the pressure will be on him, as he has big shoes to fill, because Watkins he was their main scorer (25) last season.

    Also, what might make Toney's task more difficult, is the loss of Benrahma, who was their main goal creator. 17 goals, 9 assists last season. 10 goals, 15 assists the season before.

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