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Swans TV live - international fans

Just wondering whether any information has been issued for international fans like myself who want to renew their subscriptions to Swans TV live.

Thank you.


  • hi @Massjack i emailed the question and was told that info would follow shortly...BUT time is getting thin before the first game..

  • Thank you - we are getting close.

  • Been wondering when the club would get round to acknowledging the overseas fan base

  • Shame there is no coverage of todays friendly on Swans TV. The club is missing a bit of a trick there as I believe a number of fans would like to see us play.

  • I tried to follow the link to buy the stream for the newport tie - but it took me to a link that offered monthly subscription for video or audio.

    Has anyone else tried to pay for the match or (for our international jacks) seen how to renew the annual overseas streaming ticket?? Time is sliding away and i cannot figure it out

    Grateful for any guidance!!

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    I've got an UK pass for the one match. presumably as its a cup tie not part of the normal pass?

    The news on the website seems to suggest UK only

  • So frustrating - as JackRaven points out the Newport game is listed as for U.K. only on the Website. I am concerned about the lack of information for international fans - my priority is to subscribe in time for the first Championship game - September 12 is fast approaching.

  • Milk cup not available overseas and nothing yet on season pass for us second class plastics😂

  • I would assume nothings changed for overseas users from last year why would it, the changes are for the fans who are being prevented from attending in person its not rocket science. In fairness to the clubs they can only pass on the info when the TV companies release it and there is still plenty of time before first league game.

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    let me scout the streams for saturday and see if i can come up with something..there are some north american platforms that carry random UK 'soccer" as they would call it..

    missed 10 squid from me though this weekend. Anyone want to face time me when you are streaming the game?? 😎😱

  • Just signed up for another roller coaster season and Wyndham😧🙃

  • My sentiments also - hope we occasionally have Kristian O’Leary as analyst. I had anticipated an even bigger increase in the fee - this seems reasonable.

  • What are the fees the club are charging

  • £140 -set by EFL we are informed

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