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Trevor Birch Leaves the Swans

Swansea City chairman Trevor Birch has left his post at the club.

Birch, who was appointed club chairman in April 2019, is set to join a Premier League club in due course.

“I am leaving Swansea with an extremely heavy heart,’’ confirmed Birch. “I arrived at the club at a very difficult time, but I hope I have provided professionalism, stability and a solid foundation internally which will stand the club in good stead going forwards.

“Steve Cooper, his staff and the players have given us all some great moments this season which will live long in the memory. I also can’t thank the supporters enough for the kindness and support they have shown me over the last 17 months, and I wish the Jack Army and the club every success going forward. The supporters deserve it.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the senior management team and every one of the club’s staff who have supported me during my time here. They are all loyal fans of the club and their commitment and work ethic has been truly inspirational to me."

A Swansea City ownership statement read: “We have enjoyed working with Trevor, and we understand during these unprecedented times the desire to be closer to home and family in London.

“Trevor will be missed, and we would like to thank him for his work on behalf of the club over the past 17 months.

“Moving forward, we have great confidence in our management team to continue the momentum we have built heading into the coming season as we work on a new management leadership structure.’’

On his appointment 17 months ago, Birch was handed complete day-to-day control of all football and business matters, reporting directly to majority owners Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien.

While Birch initially built his reputation in the financial services sector as a senior partner with big-hitting industry leaders, he also had a footballing background as a professional with Liverpool, Shrewsbury and Chester, plus chief executive roles at Chelsea, Everton, Leeds United, Sheffield United and Derby.

During his time at the Liberty Stadium, Birch, a highly experienced and well-respected executive, was lauded by many for the excellent job he did, on and off the pitch, following the resignation of former chairman Huw Jenkins.

Following the departure of manager Graham Potter last summer, Birch was central to the appointment of current head coach Steve Cooper and a new backroom team that led the club to the Championship play-off semi-finals.

He also restructured the club’s recruitment strategy under new head of recruitment, Andy Scott.

Birch oversaw the club’s business operations and installed a new senior management team; prioritized communications with supporters, links with the community and local businesses, plus a strong working relationship with the Swans Supporters Trust.

Everyone at Swansea City would like to thank Trevor for his work at the club and wish him well for the future.



  • Now that is a big announcement ,

  • Oh Sh1t, oh hells bloody bells!

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    And not a good one. Why now at the start of the season, the statement doesnt ring completely true to me.

    He is off to a PL club, so how does the being home bit work unless its a London Club.

  • Twitter says he's going to Spurs.

  • WpsWps
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    Unexpected or not ?!

  • WpsWps
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    Sorry missed the thread below

  • Once I put the home thing and the PL club I had a feeling it was Spurs.

    He will be badly missed.

  • Of to a prem club in London according to the article . Fulham perhaps ??

  • late with my comment on Fulham

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    My concern now is are we going to get some amateur as Chairman who thinks he knows what is doing?

    Some American perhaps, just thinking of the recent 'investment' or rather loan that might become a purchase of shares. Something about the timing does quite smell right.

    However I need to say a very big "Thank You Trevor Birch". I am really sorry to see you go. You kept us going when things had got very difficult. I wish you all the best.

  • If history is anything to go by we will be announcing a new player soon. Always smoke and mirrors.

    hopefully a football man comes in. Maybe a return of John Wilsher as Chief Exec

  • Guess he won't be claiming those shares that were promised him when he joined up. Trust will be happy.

  • With the busting down of the academy and Birch moving on this is one sh1tty week.

  • What is Huw up to? We need a Director of Football and he knows everything about football 😎

  • Alternatively we could get Pugh, and if he's not available Barney Mcgrew. I believe Cuthbert is unavailable, Dibble is still in hospital and well Grub, best not to talk about what he's doing!

  • Well he was supposed to come in and steady the ship maybe make us ready for a fire sale according to some. Maybe reaching the playoffs has got them thinking we might be worth holding on for now, transfer window hasn’t been bad, how many If you thought we would actually spend money in the transfer market. Hope the replacement is named quickly.

  • I hope we get someone with a good reputation. I sincerely hope they already have interviewed and are close to appoiunting someone, as if this has come as a surprise then we have underlying issues.

    So if we now hear than the club will be going out to interview, we will know that this wasnt as amicable as it is trying to be protrayed.

  • I guess it depends on what Birch's ambitions are, as to why he left.

    Not sure where is family is based, but he is a Liverpudlian by birth.

    But no one can deny that being the Director of Football at Spurs is a step up from being our Chairman.

    But aged 62, is this a move he craved, or has he witnessed the long game and bailed before the wheels come off?

    The demise of the Academy, when Birch had said that it was budgeted for, until the start of 2021/2 season. And also the weight that producing our own players is our future model, put a big ? on the club.

    Has this new investor caused him to jump?

    I'd be surprised if it is the latter, as I cant imagine that he didnt have a long notice period. Of course Spurs could have paid that up, so he can leave immediately, and the club accepted it. If so then that would have been really stupid, if there wasnt someone lined up to take over.

    But this really is the worst news on the eve of the season as we could get.

  • Hmm yeah real head scratcher why someone would want to join Spurs isn't it.

  • he's trending at #11 on Twitter

  • It's not great but it's far from the worst news we could get.

    • He didn't resign in fury, he left for a better job.
    • Cooper and Scott have their plans in place for the rest of this transfer window, and the 2020-21 financial year is fully planned.
    • There's no sign (yet) that we need to ship players out to balance the books.
    • Andrew2 has not replaced Jonathan Wilsher as head of comms at the club.

    Could be a lot worse

  • Perhaps by the end of the week things will have got worse. There's been no official announcement from the club that the academy has been downgraded yet and what the full implications are.

  • Obviously it hasn't come out of the blue, Spurs would have approached him ages ago.

    Things like this don't just happen.

    No doubt if under contract, Spurs will pay compensation.

    Not a bad 17 months, he sold a few players, downgraded our academy and got paid 1,25M for doing it

    He is also still a director of Duff and Phelps a New York financing company.

    He has done similar things with 8 clubs none of which have had any success apart from Chelsea which he brokered the Russian takeover.

    Portsmouth, Bolton, Hearts Derby Everton, Sheffield didn't do to well and were all taken over later.

    One thing is certain he makes a lot of money out of clubs failing and moves on when the money runs out.

    Selling a friendly face and gaining popularity doesn't do it for me, the first chance of a bigger pay off and he's gone.

    As for steadying the ship, it doesn't take a genius to sell your best players, make huge cost cuttings, sign a cheap manager ( still under review) and make sure you are paid a fortune to do it.

    I was sceptical when he came ( as stated 18 months ago) and have no reason to change my opinion now, we are infested with money grabbers

  • they already have a man, I am told.

    not sure we're going to like who it is. havent been given a name, but was told, "if it is who I believe it to be, it aint good news."

  • Simon Jordan perhaps ?

  • If it ain’t good has to be LANDON DONOVAN ! ! ! !

  • god, both of those would be a nightmare. Even worse than us getting the Riddler.

  • I’ve heard he has premier league experience but wasn’t told a name.

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