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Transfer fee add ons & Under 23 manager

Just wandering if anyone knew if we were due add ons from transfer fees for James,Mcburnie and J.Ayew this Summer and has a new manager been appointed to Under 23 squad ?


  • We got a million from McB, and I think there was a million 2 seasonal add ons in Fabianski's contract if WHU stayed up, not sure on DJ but would suspect there would have been something.

    We would have also got some extra money because Fulham went back up at the first attempt and WBA at the second.

    Let's say Fulham were to get £30m parachute had they not gone up and WBA £15m, that £45m is shared between all the clubs in the championship, I think that's how it works.

  • Cheers Jollyboy.Nice to know that there is quite a bit of money coming into the club during these difficult times for clubs

  • i dont think we get any of that extra money because Fulham went straight back up. Their parachute money is shared between the clubs not already receiving parachute money. So that excludes us.

  • We get 15.5M this season parachute plus 140K every time Sky broadcast our home games and 10K for an away game, plus 6M already received in season tickets and then on the day sales when supporters come back. The league cup is poor 100K for the winners 50K runner up. FA cup winners get 2M but I think we can forget those for a while. So we have 21M starting out this year before we sell anyone. Probably more than 15 other clubs, plus we have stripped all the high earners apart from Ayew

  • Realistic estimate Phil, probably cost are in the £25-£30m bracket, running a football club doesn't come cheap and you have to trade players to make ends meet or risk the owners putting money in like Silverstien has just done (dilution for all if it is turned into equity)

  • Not true Mark, its shared between all clubs in the division

  • We will need to sell a player(s) to the value of about £10m every year if we are going to give ourselves any margin for error. Unfortunately it looks like its Matt this year. If it is then as SC has said the starting price is £16m.

  • We can ask £10M for Cabango but I think we will struggle to get near that figure and a fee around £10M plus add-ons is a bit more realistic. I think I read in Winter's statement is that he won't be starting his new role until the end of the month so who does the negotiating with Watford and the player's agent. If it is Gareth Davies then it will be a good test of his negotiating ability and knowledge of dealing with snake oil salesmen.

    Actually, the same applies to any player who will leave(Celina, McKay, John etc.) as well as who will be recruited.

  • It also could mean if anyone sold cheaply, would it mean he's just a yes man for the owners remember the Dan James fiasco. Sense says find replacements first before selling but there is never any money to spend, it was late buys at ridiculous prices that got us in trouble financially in the first place.

  • 3 million for Celina , seems about right , invest most of that on a striker would be good

  • We dont need to sell Cabango, so let them me our asking price £20m, and please lets not let Gareth Davies do the negotiating. From his decision on the academy, he knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. He is the very last person who should be negotiating.

    Andy Scott would do a far better job, in fact the cat would be better.


  • Perhaps we should hire Jenkins for the period before the window closes

  • Great comments from everyone thanks.Looks like no one knows anything about Under 23 manager tho

  • @Gorsjack

    You can make your own mind up regarding the club's inability to bring out a statement regarding the downgrading of the academy despite the media article recently from Wales On-Line and the news being quite common knowledge in Swansea.

    It remains to be seen what changes there are regarding the coaches for the U18's and U23's let alone the younger age group teams but I would think that John Grey will still be involved with the U23's.

  • one hopes that what Cooper said is true.

    He and Scott are dealing with football matters, and Winter is dealing with commercial aspects of the club.

    Thus, Cooper and Scott will know the value of a player and be able to reject any offers until they hit that mark, and then they take it to Davies to make a decision.

    The further he is kept away from these kind of decisions, the better, I think.

  • What are the differences in academy grades in general, can any body tell me is it just people or what it offers.

  • Andy Scott is doing the negotiations on all football matters, Gareth is finance man, explaining the offside trap would be a step to far for him.

    I'm sure Andy will be appointed DoF soon.

  • @Jacktar

    It seems like understanding the purpose of the academy was beyond him as well

  • Gareth Davies, alone wouldn't have called a halt on the Academy, finance man is all he is, he might have crunched the numbers and said they don't stack up but it would have been the owners that made the final decision.

    And while I'm at it, don't be mistaken by the rhetoric on here that the owners are thick as pig sh!t, they are not, they know that on the one hand the Academy can make us profit but how much of a risk is it to reap the rewards?

  • @Jacktar

    I know how boards work and a call like maintaining the academy or reducing it is a fine one. There are good arguments both ways. Its not that they wouldnt stack up, but other things would have to be sacrificed instead. Keeping Ayew perhaps? Although I still believe he may be sold.

    I dont believe there is much doubt that over the last 2 seasons the academy allowed the club to continue to be (relatively) successful and brought in very significant amounts of money. Is what the board needed

    I presume from a football/financial perspective the use for the first team and likely transfer income from current academy players was viewed as being not enough. So we have started to buy some players instead.

    Being slightly cynical. I wonder if Gareth Davies would have been appointed to the Board if he had come up with a different decision? And who eaxctly is on the Board who is there because they deeply understand football?

    I dont believe the current owners are thick, but I do believe they know very little about football, and they probably believe we are all thick or naive.

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