Liam Cullen

edited September 2020 in Swansea City

Have just been listening to the latest Ellis James, Feast of football podcast and they chat with Liam Cullen.

He seems a really nice guy and down to earth.

I hope things work out well and he can get us some goals this season.



  • Not sure where he would fit in though

    Not got the pace to play on the break

    Fox in the box usually needs a big number 9

    Looks like best out on loan where he can find a striking partner

  • Haven’t seen him play live but I wasn’t really that impressed with what I saw on the TV when he played briefly.

    He gets asked what type of striker he is and he says he likes to score goals and use his movement to find space.

    He must’ve been highly rated as a kid though as when he was 12 he was asked to play U18s for Wales.

  • A lot of his appearances to date have involved coming on at the death when we were looking to close games out. Took his goal at Reading well, so will be interesting to see if he can step up.

  • he's an out and out finisher, by the looks of things.

    but he'll need to do more than that to feature regularly in a Cooper team, and a lot of others too.

    Plenty of time for him to develop that side of his game. but he needs to be working hard on it now. It's time for him to push on to the next level. The opportunity is there for him.

  • If we can create chances then surely a finisher who is willing to work,graft and put in the chasing is due a chance. Id rather keep him.

  • absolutely keep him. Just work on those other aspects, because those things you can develop with hard work.

    Natural finishing is a gift you dont find very often.

  • Yes brewster did do more.

    He worked his socks off, running off the ball; defending and harassing from the front.

    Learning how to link play.

    Those are the parts of the game Liam has to develop. No reason why he cant.

  • The slight concern is that isnt something Liam learned at the Academy.

    Getting better at it, yes but surely that is just part of the role upfront and he should only have to fine tune that aspect of the game in

  • You don't think we teach pressing and off the ball runs in the academy? You don't think he was taught how to link up with midfielders?

    Liam's a bright player who always put the effort in, but the limitation is his physique. He's never going to be a powerful battler up front, holding the ball up like Bony or stretching the game down the channels outpacing 6'4 centre halves (which Brewster also failed to do). Managers looking for a lone centre forward will find him wanting at this level. But don't forget McBurnie also struggled to lead the line here, Potter was trying all sorts to keep his goals in a functional team. Even DJ started a couple of games as the centre forward.

    Fortunately we look set to continue with a pair up top this season. Let Ayew or Lowe get us up the pitch with their ball-carrying ability and given game time Liam can absolutely stick his fair share in the back of the net.

  • Liam has always been a fox in the box type of player and isn't the sort of player who runs the channels, no physique to hold the ball up and is more comfortable working off/linking with another striker. Shame really that he continued to play in the U23's for far too long and should have gone out on loan.

  • Out and out finishers like Kevin Phillips often end up left out because they can't do their part of the defending from the front and they can't usually hold the ball up or run the channels either

    Unlike Phillips most can't score the 25 or more goals per season to keep themselves in the team

    They are purely in the box players - great if you're making chances and a liability if you're not

    They can be useful substitutes though

  • he may not be the single striker. But he can work on running the line. and he can work on his physical strength.

    He could also work on his speed. I recall Darren Campbell worked with Man United, Chelsea, Everton and MK Dons under Ince, as a pace and acceleration specialist.

    He would work on improvements on players running technique. He said there were usually improvements you can make to a player's speed, and the only one he reckon he couldn't was Thierry Henry.

    It could be worthwhile investment to get either him or Christian Malcolm, or even Dai Greene, in to do a few sessions with some of the players. And not just the attackers. I am sure we could benefit all over the pitch.

  • Brilliant to see Christian Malcolm appointed Head Coach of British Athletics Olympic programme .

  • Always said Joe Rodon needs his stride sorting. Takes such little steps for a big man.

  • He worked hard, but his link up play on the whole was poor. His finishing is up there with probably any striker in the country at the moment, but Liverpool need more than that, just look how Firminho is a spearhead for them, it's more than goals.

    That's the reason Klopp is willing to lose him if a bid of £20m comes in.

  • Well obviously he was not the finished article. because if he was, he wouldnt have come to us! 😳

    He came to learn. And I would say he improved in that aspect of the game. And he still has more to go, otherwise he'd be challenging Firminho for his place.

    As for him being on offer £20m. That's paper-talk. nothing official from Liverpool. But if true, they still rate him highly enough to have a buy-back clause, if the papers are to be believed.

    He may go out on loan again, but I dont think they'll sell him.

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