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Nathan Dyer

Just been reading that a squad list doesn't include Dyer or Celina. Celina made me think "shame that because there is a lot of talent to be unlocked".

Dyer though is a different matter for me. He has been with us for the long haul. He has had long periods of brilliance and some shite games like anyone else. I can't recall one where we called him lazy or uncommitted or sulky afterwards.

In my opinion, Dyers departure is the end of the era for one of the biggest club legends of my lifetime watching the Swans. If I picked a 11 of my favourite ever players, he strolls into it. On the slim chance he ever reads this, thank you Nathan and all the best.



  • the most disappointing this about Dyer leaving is the lack of statement from the club.

    Quite shocking considering what he achieved with the club.

  • The old Board were accused many a time of a lack of 'class' in their dealings with the media while our owners, sadly are no different.

  • Yes lack of acknowledgement is shabby

    Probably would have got a testimonial in years gone by

  • i think he has earned enough not to warrant a testimonial.

    But an announcement on his departure is something that should be expected. unless they are still talking to him, which would be a shock.

  • From the people that brought you

    "Sacking a manager on his birthday and then holding a press conference appointing his successor in the same hotel he was staying in"

    The new blockbuster, called

    "Letting an all time club legend go without even acknowledging it on your own website"

    Stay classy, K&L 👍🏻

  • Not forgetting the Laudrup years when the highly respected footballing legend gets sacked via email. I knew then that there was something amiss behind the scenes. Little did I know that it would be repeated on a number of occasions after this. No class just crass.

  • That doesn't fit the 'evil yanks ruined us' narrative, though.

  • I notice that Nathan's no 12 squad number has not been allocated to anyone else yet ? ?

  • The way I see it is that the current owners were ushered in courtesy of the previous owners. The two in that respect are interchangeable. What bad there is can be attributed, for the most part, to the handing over of the reins to those owners who took us to a whole new level if ineptitude. Relegation was a hard one to take and one that I feel was, for the most part, avoidable. I suppose the way it can be viewed is that they got us into this mess, so now the onus is on them to get us out of it by making good on the pronouncements that were made by them when they first took control of the club. The only way that K+L can redeem themselves, I feel, is if they manage to pull off the nigh on impossible. That is a return to the Premier League with a view to cementing our place there long enough to grow the club up to the next level. That is what their self appointed remit was after all and we’ve yet to see any of this.

  • Really, there’s more chance my centre parting will grow back. FFS

  • I did say it was nigh on impossible Colin. I’m not sure that the current owners have it in them to be able to pull off this no mean feat. However I live in hope. As the saying goes, “stranger things have happened.” You only have to look at our very own club as the perfect example for this.

  • I dont think they could pull off themselves, they are so flaccid as owners.

  • Nathan Dyer is no more in a Swansea AFC sense. Good luck for the future YJB.

  • Good comments by SC on Nathan today. Glad to see they are helping him find a club and he is still training with us.

  • Sounds to me as if Dyer thinks he can get a better contract elsewhere. If he's wrong, I think he'll re-sign. The door is open. But the money is limited. It's hard to make a fuss of his exit if he still may return.

  • We all recall the rumors surrounding Dyer and an ex Director. ND went of on loan to Leicester for a season winning a Championship medal . then came back with a four year contract. I recall some raised eye brows at its length, but for me well deserved for lots of reasons.

    Have always been a fan of Nathan and wish him well for the future , for me he can still do a job at Championship level .

    what ever the Clubs attitude to the player . I am sure i speak for many fans when i say his contribution to our team earns him Legend status.

    Good luck fella where ever you ply your silky goal scoring skills. and bravery

  • Didn’t think he was offered a contract tbh

  • Would be strange if we had, he's barely been involved under Cooper.

  • When you say ex director, the guy you are alluding to is still a director, however, it was all BS.

    Here's a fact, the DIRECTOR you are alluding to was reluctant to sell but the rumours got to him and in the end he thought fook it, I'm off.

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