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Are we going to have a prediction league again this season ?

I found it much more difficult to predict in the Championship than it had been in the Premier league, as presumably did everyone else. We all knew what would happen when we played Spurs for instance.( was it just 2 draws in 14 attempts? ).

There were quite a few consecutive weeks that it seemed every time I forecast a win we drew or lost, and then when I thought we'd lose we would get a welcome win or draw. The Championship is well known for it's unpredictability.

For some reason I seemed to do better when the season restarted.


  • Hello @ldavies555

    Sadly we have made the decision not to run the Prediction League this season.

    Given the amount of work that was involved in running the competition and considering the number of people who visit/use this website on a daily basis, we felt that that low number of people actually playing the Prediction League didn't make it viable.

    Even the introduction of £100 worth of prizes last season didn't seem to have the desired effect of encouraging people to play unfortunately.

    Therefore, we are simply going to suggest people provide their score predictions in the Match Discussion threads instead.

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