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Declan John

We seem to have established that the system of 352 best suits our present squad. I agree.

We are quoted as needing 3/4 more players to complete a genuine promotion squad with good cover. The positions most often mentioned are CB LB and Strikers. We will not get 3/4 players because of our financial situation.

Surely the LB cover should be covered by Declan John already on our books. He is totally suited to the wing back situation, has pace and decent crosser of ball.

Why on earth is he not being considered by management, it surely can not be football issues. I hope he is still training with first team but haven't seen him in the videos. If there are other issues which mean he should be released then ok, but let's know what's happening.



  • Agreed. I said last season that he should be considered as an alternative wide left, after DJ left.

    Seems crazy.

  • Also agree.

    When I've seen him play he looks very good going forward. Has a great cross.

  • My guess is he tried to negotiate the non-negotiables.

  • I might need to add the non-negotiables to the "truth be told" bingo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • It's a strange one with John. Like others I see him as a natural for the wing back role, and is especially bright going forwards. Defensively, he's suspect, and I guess that's where he's fallen out of favour with Cooper. Perhaps not just in terms of quality, but also in terms of application.

    Cooper has made it clear time and time again, that contributing to the collective defensive effort is a major priority for him. This is reflected in Celina's and McKay's departures. His after-match comments yesterday rammed home the point yet again: https://www.swanseacity.com/news/defensive-record-all-about-teamwork-says-head-coach-cooper

    Cooper's comments on signing Lowe were very telling - given that he placed as much emphasis on his defensive attributes as his attacking ones: https://www.swanseacity.com/news/steve-cooper-lowe-exciting-signing

    Although Cooper is to be commended for building a team of defensively committed players, I would like see evidence that the ability to complete passes is as much of a non-negotiable as well as defensive contribution. That to me is the Swansea Way.

  • What pathway is there for the youngsters if we keep journeymen> Keep the first choice and if injury or loss of form utilise the U23's, seems simple to me.

  • journeymen? Declan is only 25 FFS!

  • Problem is if he had a world class striker up front would he drop him if he couldn’t defend. You can be to defensive minded it can stop the creativeness going forward.

  • Without question I would have John in the squad as a back up left wing-back.

  • John played as a winger until he was 17 , then played as a full back , so attacking is what he is about, defending does come naturally ,

    Play him as a winger and see how he does , left wing could be his best position ,

  • Should be defending does not come naturally,

  • Hi Mark ,

    I didn't know he was a winger in his early days

  • When he was at Rangers their manager talked about how he'd never actually been taught how to defend as a fullback.

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    It has always seemed strange to me that he has so few opportunities to show what he can do here.Surely he can't be that unimpressive in training etc..


  • I’ve said for ages we should utilise him as a winger if he can’t get first team as a wing back (Bidwell fantastic so far)

    The one thing defenders can’t defend against is pace, and Declan is rapid

  • I'm assuming that Bale was unremarkable as a defender compared to what he became as a midfielder. If so can that lesson be learned with John and maybe we have a someone maybe not in the same league as Bale but certainly in the same mould as a midfielder?

  • Taken from the BBC report of Peterson moving on,

    "Other than Declan John, who has been told to train on his own, Swansea do not have a fit senior player on their books who was not involved against Millwall."

    Pretty clear there that Declan is not in SC's plans

  • I don't think anyone would disagree that our squad is short on the number of players that will be necessary to see us through the forthcoming busy schedule.

    We have a player who again, most posters believe is well suited to our new playing formation and is well worth a place on the bench as a minimum.

    There are no rumours of any misdemeanor that would cause his banishment to having to train on his own.

    Can we afford, both financially and from a playing perspective to discard him in this manner ?

  • For whatever reason SC has told Declan to train on his own, that decision could have backfired quite easily yesterday if we had been chasing the game and a player(Garrick) had been utilised from the bench. A player who SC has told us recently that he was still being 'nursed' through a groin injury.

    At Wycombe last week Oli Cooper was one of the travelling reserves and one wonders why SC didn't favour him for one of the substitutes rather than risk Garrick.

  • Well something has obviously gone on with John for him to be told to train on his own.

  • It's astonishing that he's training alone and it's a shame that we have to wait another 11 days for the next press conference to find out, or at least try to find out, what the hell is/has happened here. I can't remember the last time , if ever, a Swans player was sent to train alone.

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    Didn't Tosh send Robbie or Curt to train alone following an incident when one of them was 'caught' urinating in a bush during a training session on Fabian Way ? Colin, you'll have a better recollection of this than I have.

  • Yo might have to rephrase that Deekay. ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Exactly @Fledge I am very curious to find out what Declan has done. Strange in the extreme.

  • It's a strange one, to be asked to train on your own does not make any sense.

    Fine if the manager does not fancy him, don't play him, however he should be able to train with the squad as you never know when/if he may be needed.

    Maybe the club have told him that he has no future and that he should look for another club and he has refused and subsequently not shown a good attitude and the manager felt he was a bad or disruptive influence on the group, although strange that nothing in the media at all.

    He has been with the Club 2 years and 2 managers have not been interested and also had a failed loan at Sunderland (albeit the lockdown won't have helped but they could have extended the loan and used him after the restart but not a single appearance).

    It really is a mystery

  • A journeyman to me is someone with a load of clubs and never settles, you could have said Wayne Routledge was a journeyman but settle at Swansea, Declan John has had 6 clubs in his short career, might well have been good enough but I'm not the manager, he knows what we have coming through.

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