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White Shorts

OK, so not the most important thing in the world, but the Swans wore white shorts on Saturday. White shorts as worn most seasons. White shorts that aren't on sale in the club shop. Why bother with the black shorts?


  • Anyone else thing the new shirt makes players look fat? The black pattern looks like shadow under their guts.

    How're we supposed to attract players like this?

  • I think the shirt pattern works better with black shorts, but I'm not sure you can blame the shirts on players looking overweight.

    Physically a few of the players look stronger in the upper body this year, or perhaps its just the new players plus bidwell.

  • Think we have to wear the opposite to our opponents, so if they have dark shorts, we have to wear white?

  • Agreed that the white shorts look very dodgy with the new shirts and, of course, once you've had black.....

  • Personally I couldn't care less if its white or black shorts, they could even wear Bermuda shorts provided you can make them out on the TV and they score goals. because of VAR, penalties for FA, I wouldn't be surprised that in the event of a nil nil draw we could get points for who got the best kit

  • Prefer black shorts but if the home team wear dark shorts, we have to change, not rocket science

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