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Match Discussion: England v Wales - International Friendly 2020/21

edited October 9 in Wales

This is the place to discuss all things related to the England v Wales Friendly on Thursday, 8 October 2020 at Wembley stadium.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, team selection and score prediction for the game.

Kick-off is at 8:00pm and the game will be shown live on ITV.



  • Do we really need this match. a bloody friendly, with players from both sides dropping out in numbers. In the midst of Covid.

  • Well to be honest No we don't.

  • Video from the Wales training session this morning...

  • I just cannot see how this match is beneficial to us. If we win, they'll (England) will say that it was only a friendly, and they were missing a lot of senior players. If we lose, we will say likewise. But should we lose heavily it will knock the confidence of the players going into the Nations League qualifiers. And there is always the risk of injury. I can only conclude that the decision to play this match was media driven!

  • It's driven by UEFA requiring us to play a game, and England being the least fuss for travel and quarantine issues. Giggs said in his press conference that the nations league games are the priority, so hopefully it's treated as the friendliest of friendlies with a half pace training match.

    If there were fans it might be worth caring about.

  • It is quite possible that when they planned the friendly it was at a time when both the FA and FAW thought that crowds would be allowed back in stadiums (October was the Blonde Bombshell's original plan was it not?) so maybe it was a financial decision.

    But like many others, I don't see what is to be gained, as surely if it was to try out more of the younger Welsh players they could have chosen weaker opposition!

  • A pointless exercise made more pointless by the absence of fans as an audience. Momentum needs to be maintained and this could scupper that.

  • Totally agree with most of what has been said. Thank you for your observations everyone. However, if UEFA had made these decisions months ago to play friendlies on these dates, then the COVID factor should have ensured that common sense prevailed, and the matches were cancelled. Give the players a bit of a break.

  • It's an important match for Joe Rodon if he is picked. It's a chance to impress a UK wide audience and potential suitors or alternatively put them off. Either way, whether he stays or goes has an impact on the Swans, so it does mean more than just a friendly this time. The other 2 matches will also count but I would say this one more so because it's England with more eyes watching.

  • Wasnt Joe injured playing for Wales?

  • No , injured playing for us Pete

  • thanks Malc but i thought he was injured when playing for Wales and we played him when he was not ready but thank you

  • Looks like Ben Davies will be Captain.

    So chuffed for him. He's a top pro, and it will be deserved if he does lead them out tomorrow.

  • Just did some more checking Pete ,

    Joe's first ankle injury when playing against Sheffield United on Sat 19th January ( a game we won 1 nil )

    Joe's second injury came in the away at Barnsley on Saturday October 19th in which he went off injured , the manager then played him on the Tuesday night October 22nd , lots of posters criticised the manager for that decision ,

    Joe did play for Wales against Croatia in a Euro Qualifier on Sunday 13 October in a 1 - 1 draw he played 90 mins .

  • Thanks again Malc you are correct i remmeber now (its an age thing at 73 lol)

  • Yes @Malc - and this is one of the blackest marks i hold to this day on Cooper. After watching Joe hobble off on the saturday I was flabbergasted to see the ghost of Joe Rodon wheeled out again on the tuesday night.

    An injury that cost us many months of the best CB in the championship (IMO) and one of the resons for our sh1t run of results from October through to COVID, while at the same time devaluing our most important asset.

    Thanks for reminding me - I am off to kick the cat.

  • in your mind that is how it went, but you forget Joe probably played down that injury in his desperation to play. no manager fields an injured player ever. that is one with a known serious injury. the reason being he won't be able to play as well as a fit player. You're really perpetuating a myth that flew round at the time when SC wasn't accepted by many on fact a fair few still knock him.

  • I was presenting the facts of matches played , a question was asked and answered ,

    If you remember at the time , my words were if Joe says he was fit that would have been good enough for the manager ,

    Not perpetuating a myth at all .

  • So Jackareme is angry at the injury to Joe Rodon being exacerbated by including and starting him in the first team 3 days later.

    Pablo is angry at Jackareme getting angry about the known facts.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember any definitive news about JR reassuring SC that he was fit to play so why get annoyed over mere speculation?

  • Hi Seajack , the fact was he had to leave the pitch on the Tuesday night match against Brentford injured ,

    He didn't play again until February 8th .

  • Joe's injury against Sheffield was a broken bone in his foot, not the ankle.

  • Sorry. Disappointed maybe, maybe a bit miffed or exasperated?

  • The beauty of a discussion is that everyone is entitled to an opinion - but the facts are shared by all.

    @pablo chooses to speculate that joe forced the managers hand to select him - I choose to believe that Cooper had a duty of care to protect a young player and preserve the health of one of our top assets.

    No need to be angry disappointed or exasperated - the facts are as laid out in @Malc's timeline - everyone is entitled to their own reaction to what happened.

    I am not perpetuatuing myths any more than your speculation on Joe insisting on playing is a myth also. we will never know.

    As far as Cooper is concerned my evaluation is a mix of good and bad. I am not prejudiced for or against, and I base my judgement on what I see

    Good - team spirit, good connections, defensive organisation, willingness to (eventually) switch tactics to a formation that suits the personnel etc.

    Bad - clueless attacking, loss of technical quick passing and movement, a 4 month spell where we produced terrible football and relegation form, serial unwillingness to use the bench, lack of width etc

  • Here's the Wales starting XI...

  • Ben Davies as skipper 😍

  • Way stronger than we should be using. 3 games in a week and 8 starters lining up for a friendly.

  • Strong lineup , surprised Morrell is playing , hardly played recently ,

    Should be a good matchup between Joe and Calvert Lewin ,

  • Haven't seen him playing for Bristol City ?

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