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  • Wow, I can't work out if its good news. kaplan going by its nature is great news but what else is going on?

  • The plot thickens,who knows what is afoot.It may mean nothing will change here .I hope the Trust can keep up with it,

  • It's just a reshuffle of the boardroom with Winter and another DC United bloke coming in. Can't see it making a substantive difference to how we're being run. Silverstein and Gareth Davies were added the other day following Birch's departure.

    Maybe he's sold his shares, maybe he's just going to a silent shareholder role.

  • that's the biggest question.

    has he disinvested?

    why, as he was the man pulling the strings in the consortium, and involved with the transfer negs on Siggy, DJ etc, left the Board?

    Is he ill or worse? Covid being the obvious answer.

    why will the other Board members tell the Trust why he has left the Board.

    so may Qs. Fk all answers, just for a change.

  • i doubt it is that. all they'd need to say is 'personal reasons'.

    which makes it all the more baffling or sinister why they would not offer an answer to the Trust.

  • Maybe sold his shares and don’t want the trust the chance to buy

  • his shares are in the Delaware company, which owns the Swans shares. so the Trust wouldnt have been able to buy those ones.

  • Personally I trust Gareth Davies as much as the rest of them. There’s a reason he’s a director, he is responsible for making the cuts on others behalf...

  • First it was Trevor Birch, now it’s Steve Kaplan. It’s those damn shifting sands at the Swans again. I was shocked, worried and disappointed at the TB departure. I’m ambivalent about this one. I’m a little hesitant at popping the cork on the champagne just yet just in case it hits me in the eye and gives me a shiner. Who’s next I ask myself?

  • Is what we’re seeing the start of a slow takeover whereby Kaplan and Levien leave by the back door and our new owners are those that have recently been appointed to the board? Who do we have so far in terms of new faces? Gareth Davies, Julian Winters, Jake Silverstein and Sam Porter. Out of interest was Trevor Birch appointed as a board member whilst he was chairman of the Swans?

  • He was Chief Executive with a share package if he reached certain targets I believe. But he was only on a 3 month rolling contract hence him relunctantly leaving when they would give him the security he wanted

  • Birch was a director when he was with us, while Gareth Davies has been at the Liberty for a number of years as has Sam Porter

  • There is nothing in this at all . In fact it is a typical hedge Fund move. Horses for Courses so to speak. Kaplans role has been achieved for the shareholders. What should concern fans is this.

    Who has taken over from his and what is his expertise. I Have said from day one, the only interest the owners have is how much money they can make for their "Fund" ,how quickly and at what cost.

    Have to say the Trust have been played ,almost a text book lesson in how to do it. They should have taken decisive action from the outset, Why they did not take Legal Action when it would have mattered is something they need to contemplate on.

    There is no point now. or put it this way, any effect now is diluted big time.

    Again , when are they going to wake up!

  • But not as directors I’m assuming Colin? These new appointments definitely feel like a reshuffling of the board so that SK can be even more hands off I’m guessing.

  • Anyone still prepared to shovel £500 a season into the pockets of these shady crooks wants their head examining.

    No accountability. No transparency. No interest in maintaining relationships with the fanbase. Just arrogance.

    Time we voted with our feet. Starve them out. Said it before, it's the only language they understand.

  • edited October 6

    Gareth Davies took over as secretary from Alun Cowie in February 2019 and has been listed as a director, as has Sam Porter on the Official site I believe before the appointment of Winter.

    From Phil's site, a good article and poses the question to ownership change,

  • Total number of directors has increased by 1 and supersedes the previous limit of 7 thereby forcing a change to the articles of association according to that article. Looks like everything that went before is being steamrolled. Almost in one fell swoop everything is looking very different on all fronts off pitch.

  • Fair point Chatz, TB gave 100% to Swansea City and didn't want to leave. For the record, he was on 1% share per year, up to a maximum of 4% (this was to reduce the salary a top exec could expect to earn). Pearlman went soon after TB was up to speed.

  • You do what you want, I am a Swansea City fan and will continue to support my club, if you think starving them out will speed up their departure then you'll have a long wait. I was told by a reliable source that 10,000 bought season tickets from January to March, there's been a trickle in sales since the original lockdown, however, 80% of that 10,000 have decided to leave their money in.

    There will be a few good clubs that will go into Admin because of the current situation, I think we are OK for the next two to three years but will still need to cut our cloth accordingly.

  • My understanding is that SK is the money man, him being a director makes little difference, he is still the power.

  • Jollyboy

    Fair point Chatz, TB gave 100% to Swansea City and didn't want to leave.

    And you know this because ? Did he tell you before he left ?

  • That’s not starving them out it’s ruining the club and livelihood of staff and players. They’re millionaires they will be fine whatever. Shortsighted

  • I know he didn't want to leave, when he came in, he told the Americans that he was to run the club with the exception of major money decisions, he knew he had to balance the books and that's what he tried so hard to do whilst keeping us competitive, however, the owners couldn't help themselves and got involved, the Spurs job came up because TB had good contacts in the game, so he jumped before he was pushed.

  • Regardless of whether TB was pushed or not he is now behind a dirty TH stunt over Joe

    K&L are still the decision making frontmen for the people with the money

    Board meetings are theatre and a distraction to making money

    If Kaplan has left the board it means he ha s something better to do

    Like selling JR for peanuts, probably

    K&L are after all the guys who wanted to give Dan James away

    Wrong owners wrong board wrong motives

    Trust exclusion

    No change

    Good old US trade union bashing in effect

  • If he wasn’t banned (is he still?) then Andrew2 would be all over this and having a field day.

  • You haven't answered the question though. How do you know FOR SURE. Did he tell you ? If not then it's pure speculation on your part.

  • Got a few things right over the years, so you want me to tell you my source so you can make a judgement on whether to believe me or not, here's the thing, I don't care.

  • Didn't ask for you to name your source. I asked how you knew. You've now confirmed that it is via someone you know. That may be somewhat better than speculation, but nonetheless it's not fact. In the meantime, I'll keep an open mind.

  • the thing is being a smaller city than a lot there are always people who know those relatively high up in the club. The reality was, he was offered the Spurs job, went back to the owners and asked for more stability in his contract rather than 3 month rolling and they wouldn’t give it to him so for the sake of stability he went. He wanted a longer contract and wanted to stay. He also wants to come back if he could broker a deal to buy the club... take it for what it is... could be rubbish, could be true or a mixture of both

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