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Nottingham Forest

Forest sack their manager Lamouchi after losing their first 4 games ,


  • Actually surprised he survived the summer after the end to last season..

  • Chris Hughton appointed new manager ,

    Yes I was surprised he wasn't replaced in the summer

  • appointed Chris Houghton.

  • Four matches in, really. Statistically it means nothing, managers jusdged in the blink of an eye. That is why teams fail. Lets change the manager and consign one to the scrap heap.

    Not good, and lucky SC wasnt judged on the same criteria mid season.

  • I think his report card for sure included last season's capitulation - and not just the 4 games this season.

    I watched the Forest v Cardiff game and they were dreadful - made Cardiff look adequate.

  • International break the perfect time for a change.

  • edited October 6

    Teams become good with continuity, they rarely become bad overnight, even over 6/7 matches. It takes a series of poor decisions by the board of any club with regard to managers to make the team poor.

    Honestly this type of decision wont help Notts Forest and may result in relegation.

  • Dont quite understand your last two posts , you say Steve Cooper was lucky not to be judged by the same criteria last year , then the team rarely become bad overnight, even 6/7 matches

    He would have been judged on how they finished the season after lockdown and their start to this season

    Forest have appointed a good experienced manager who will do well .

  • If SC had been judged on the teams performance on a randomly chosen spell of 4 matches last season, if it had been the start or end of the season, he would have been fine, in between he would have been seriously at risk of the sack

  • You missed the point , he was likely to have been judged how they finished the season after lockdown and how they started this season ,

  • They've lost their last 7. The draw with us was the last point they took in the league.

    4 wins in 21 games since the 1st of February.

  • By appointing Hughton, a guy who knows the Championship inside out. Forest will be In the play off mix no doubt come the end of the season.

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