Joe Rodon

As others have said if Joe does go to Spurs he is likely to spend most of this season either in the u23s or at best as an unused sub on the bench.

This would be a complete waste of a player who could do so much more for us and possibly even give us a chance of promotion.

What if the deal was that Spurs signed him and then loaned him straight back for the season ?

Hasn't this happened with other clubs this transfer window, so why not with us ?



  • As long as the fee is north of 20 million..

  • 20 mill LEVY or suck eggs. The player is worth that at least.

  • Whatever we think Joe is worth I fear that should the deal happen what we will hear from Winter is that these are hard times and difficult decisions have to be made. Bills, wages have to be paid and there is very little cash entering the club's accounts, and it's the best deal we could get.

  • So the deal will be £7m for Joe, we get CCV valued at £11m in return, What a great deal Winter has negotiated with that tough negotiator Levy!

    Would we have gone and signed CCV, no, can we afford his salary, no we told players to leave this Summer who were on CCV's salary.

    Will we get any cash, well say £2.5m of the £7m upfront.

    Will CCV fit in as a ball playing CB who enjoys defending and is great in the air, No.

    Will money be made available to strentghen, basically no and anyway the deal will be done too close to the end of the window.

    This is ego-negotiating by Winter.

    If you are walking down a lane and you see something in the way that looks like a pile of sh1t, and it smells like a pile of sh1t, and you see a cow further down the lane. You dont keep on walking and put your foot in it.

    Rule 1 of negotiating, always be prepared to walk away.

    Rule 3 of negotiating, dont keep talking on a bad deal, be available to talk only if they meet your entry criteria.

  • well, I am no fan of Winter, but we dont know what conversations have been going on.

    More local based journos are saying that no formal interest has been discussed between the Swans and Spurs.

    It's the likes of The Sun spouting that story.

    So until that comes to pass, I think we need to keep our powder dry.

    For a start, if he is sold, then Winter needs to sanction 2 centreback replacements and whatever else Cooper had identified he needs for a proper promotion bid. Although proper ambition would see us refuse to do business for him this window.

  • Oh and CCV is a massive no, as part of any deal.

    It's a minimum of £25m - the same as Godfrey - plus add ons, and a sell-on clause. Too many people have been saying how good he is. So anything less than that and the club is selling itself and the player short.

    And cash up front. none of this drip, drip bollox.

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    why is everyone against CCV? he did alright in our inaugural season under Potter...was popular in the dressing room...and known as the fridge. I remember players referring to him as the hardest tackler and toughest player in our squad. Plus he never let us down and was young when with us.

  • If we want CCV then we can get £25m+ and then go and sign him. Do you think that would happen?

    CCV is tough but poor in the air. Ben is a younger better version of CCV imo.

    No 'giving' us CCV as part of the deal suits Spurs it doesnt suit us, nor can we afford his salary.

  • Unfortunately, all we are going to hear until either the window closes or the player has been sold is this drip, drip nonsense from the press and Sky.

    If there is pressure on the board to bring in cash to cover salaries etc., would it make that much difference if Spurs failed to match the club's value of the player, we retain Joe's services until January, and by then the player would have enhanced his reputation and other clubs would have been drawn into battling for his signature.

    On the down side is what we already know and what Wales On-Line stated earlier - "Blackburn Rovers defender Derrick Williams remains an option, meanwhile, although it appears funds would have to be generated from player sales if a swoop for the Republic of Ireland international was to materialise." A statement that would affect any potential recruitment.

  • Hi Colin , do you see Joe like a young Gary Pallister, tall , gangly with a good football brain and quick ?

  • With Jake Silvertons investment, Spurs won't be able to hold a gun to our head like they may have had Jake not come in, Trevor will know this, we may sell Joe, but it will be the price we want, we can hold off until January or even next summer, if we don't get our asking price.

  • If cash is tight for recruitment, what we don't know is that cash could be tight to pay the monthly wagebill. If that is the case Joe could well be sold by the 16th October and Winter will turn round and say its the best deal the club could get, in view of the lack of finance entering the club to pay salaries etc. That's the easy way out as far as the Board are concerned.

  • Malc,

    think you could be right there and he also joined Man U after making less than 60 lge apps

  • @Jackareme

    Rule 2 - Leave your ego at the door.

  • Pallister made 150 odd appearances for Boro before moving to united.

  • quite right Gaz, I mistakenly looked at the period when he returned to Boro from Man U

  • Debate over what Rodon's value is, whether its 7M 18M 100M or 50P is pointless, nothing will be put back in, or at best a second rate CH or another loan. ( Forget this bullshit money to run the club) they have stated many times we are financially OK and money is available to progress and more than once WE Don't need to sell

    He will be sold before the deadline and has played his last game for Swansea City.

    The only thing that would stop it, is if he picks up an injury over the next 2 games, seeing its a friendly tonight, he might not play or against Bulgaria.

    The press release might say he's not in the right frame of mind, if that does happen it means terms have already been agreed.

    These shit bag owners will not be thinking the more we get, the more players we can invest in, it will simply be the more we get, Winter might advise them what he is worth but it wont matter, if Kaplan and Levine want the money they wont let it go to the wire, they will grab what they can now.

  • I thought I read Carter Vickers was out of contract at the end of this season?

  • I would think any replacement for Joe would be on loan with a virew to bridging the gap until brandon Cooper returns (somewhat closer to the finished article)

  • After watching the Wales defence, perhaps Spurs will drop their offer for Rodon and give us Davies on loan as a bonus

  • They cannot take it out, how many times do you need telling, jail time for embezzlement

  • Bye Joe we will miss you, but now it'll give me another reason to support Spurs. Go on son!

  • So Club put a a £20m + price tag on J R and then sell him for half that figure less than 3 weeks later. No wonder Mourinho was calling Levy a " Genius" yesterday what does that say about our CEO? Just a minute we went to Spurs a few weeks ago and we now have a poor second best in his place.

    Sadly for me, its all so predicable. and even worse.


  • You must care or you wouldn’t be on here whining every time something doesn’t go the way the fans want. Everybody knows we are short of money (apparently) the reality is selling a player is what the club may have had to do to cover the loss of revenue, problem is there wasn’t a lot of buyers out there, I’m actually surprised we didn’t lose more.

  • That's the thing, We are not that short of money that we need to give away out top talent at knock down prices.

    The short of money ruse is very convenient ,would love to see the real cash accounts!

  • Fair enough can disagree with you but at the same time we have signed more players, most on the site have spent all summer complaining about getting the wage bill down but it’s not just wages bet the stadium repaint isn’t cheap and there will be other bills. I fully agree about the accounts but were never going to see them the way things are going but I also think they must be looking ahead to next season, can’t afford to be in to much debt next season if we don’t get promotion.

  • Shouldn't deal with TH. Tight know what!

  • Was Joe really worth £18m, perhaps he was but look at it another way, a youngster with bags of potential but injury prone, depending on add ons, we'll get £15m, we are better today than we were yesterday.

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