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2016 Press Conference after takeover

Here's the press conference with Jenkins and Levien from July 2016 on the day of the American takeover.

I found it fascinating viewing after all this time, not having watched it for about 3 years and I'd forgotten some of the rhetoric. Blimey, it hasn't aged well.

It's 19 minutes long but I would recommend watching it again.

A piece of history.



  • This recording of the Swans Trust forum attended by Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien some 9 months later in April 2017 is worth a listen too 😮

  • I am pleased that people have taken the time out to source and post these, thank you for doing that.

    It's really important to occasionally remind ourselves what foul individuals we have as owners, it must never be forgotten.

  • We have the Boris Johnson of football.

    Promise the earth

    Deliver Nothing.

    Boris is seen once possible twice a week, Our owners once or possibly twice a year.

    Boris wont or cant explain the science.

    Our owners wont explain or disclose anything.

    All born in the good old USA

  • Well you have to understand something to explain it

    What can they explain except how to service debt with interest payments and loans?

  • @Phillip

    Not sure Winter has promised the earth, he seems to have promised nothing, and is working hard to deliver less than nothing!

  • Winter doesn't own the club, he is a servant of the owners

  • Well we might understand, if they explained how in 2 years they changed a moderately successful club, on the field and financially. to a farce on the field by buying inferior players and using loans to finance it, after selling higher than buying.

    Servicing debt with interest payments and loans is the very point, how did they incur that apparent debt in such a short space of time.

    If you don't know the business, don't understand the sport, then don't f**k it up for those that pay they money to watch it.

    The only investors in this club and always has been are the supporters, no fans no club. We need football people to be in charge, not financial advisors, bankers or accountants and especially people who are hedge fund experts who capitalize on breaking things apart ( Seek out companies who have had hedge fund people involved) none progressed None

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