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Question to while away international break

Got involved in a conversation with some football fans and thought I'd throw the question on here while the Swans are having a break. Would love to see people's answers....

What's the angriest you've ever been with a referee after/during watching the Swans?

I'll start with Chico's sending off against Chelsea. It was the feeling that Mourinho and Terry were making the decision and that Terry felt so comfortable in an interview afterwards in telling us that he had told "Phil the ref" what to do. For me that even eclipsed the Sunderland game where they got an amnesty from the offside laws.

Would love to read people's thoughts....


  • Swans 3 Stoke 3 a couple of seasons back

    Madley got 5 decisions wrong in a row to give Stoke last minute equaliser

    Must have had a few bob on the result or something


    First he gave a free kick for handball against Angel ( it wasn't )

    then he gave a corner when it wasn't

    Then he had the corner retaken for encroachment - there was none

    Then he gave a penalty for handball against Routs - it wasn't

    Then the pen was retaken because Fabianski moved too early

    Quite hard to do that without an FA investigation

  • I can't think of anything too memorable with regard to the Swans. If you follow the thread of some of my previous posts I tend to stand up for most refs when they get pilloried on this site. I've done nearly all the football League grounds in my attempt to do 'the 92', and for many of those matches I've sat as a neutral, and cannot recall a real mare of a game by the referee. If you watch as a neutral you can give a balanced view and opinion, but like the rest of us Swans fans we get so passionate and ramped up during matches it seems natural to throw flak at the referee when things don't go our way.

    Anyway, to get to the point I can recall, supporting Wales, the infamous battle at Ninian Park in 1976 when Wales played host to Yugoslavia in the Euro Quarter finals. We'd already lost the away leg 2-0, so we had a real mountain to climb against a very talented Yugoslavia side (and I believe Jimmy Hadziabdic was playing for them that day?). From 0-2 down it was important that we got the first goal. The referee that day was an East German fellow by the name of Rudi Glockner. Talk about the Soviet Block sticking together. He didn't give Wales a sniff. I believe we had two clear shouts for a penalty turned down, and the Slavs were getting away with some cynical tackling. Inevitably, they had a chance, and scored, thus killing off the game. He did award us a penalty late on, which I believe we converted, but it was game over before it had begun with this goon in charge. I remember when he left the field at the end of the game one fan tore the refs shirt open. This resulted in Wales being banned from playing at home for a few years. In hindsight you'd have thought that UEFA would have had the sense to put a West European ref in charge in of such a crucial game, or a Scandinavian, but no, we had this muppet.

    So those are my thoughts on this topic.

  • Thought Madley might get a mention. Was that the one where Monk pretty much called the ref a cheat afterwards?

    I got into football around 78 but I can remember the anger of the adults around me in 76.

  • Been some bad ones

    ref that gave the pen for Moses for Stoke against us...was a blatant dive

    ret that gave the pen v Spurs away at the Lane. Was 0-0, Deli Ali dived over a non extended boot by Naughton. Conceded on 44 mins. Lost 5-0. I’ve never warmed to Ali since then

    but then I saw some shocking refs when we were in league 2 and league 1 down the Vetch in the 90s (division 3 and 4 as it was in old talk back then)

  • Colin,

    just two examples of the ineptness of match officials in Swans matches.

    Stuart Attwell, referee for our FA Cup tie at the Liberty v Havant & Waterlooville who lost control of an extremely physical contest yet the golden boy of refereeing continued to make blunder after blunder, even now in the PL

    Dermot Gallagher's performances in many Swans matches at the Vetch Field really saw the steam blowing out of the top of my head with his officiating and after retiring as a referee he is Sky's word of wisdom on the laws of the game. Unbelievable Jeff"

  • edited October 11

    Talking about diving...I remember Steven Gerrard diving in a charity match for England I think against Jamaica. Can't get much lower than that. Think it was for victims of a natural disaster in Jamaica. or maybe it was Mexico! was a sickening sight though.

  • Also expected Stoke to get a few mentions. :)

    Was the Havant game the one where Tatey got in a scrap defending Leon and ended up with a longer ban than the other guy due to Wales FA politics?


    Mass brawl after 80 minutes after Havant's Poate late tackle on Orlandi saw Tatey and Poate sent off. No information on Tate's suspension but the strange way in which the FAW operate is that Tate was banned for the replay while Poate played.

  • Hoofhearted my dad took me to that game and it was a very heated crowd and I remember where we sat the crowd were singing” seig heil “ to the ref most of the second half

  • Off the top of my head....

    Stuart Attwell having an absolute Weston super mare in a game v Gillingham during the Martinez era - sent Feeney off harshly and later on penalised us for the ball not leaving the penalty area for a free kick inside the area (before that rule was changed). He's still a useless ref to this day.

    The Scunthorpe game in the league cup where our players lost their heads at the end - the one and only time I thought losing our discipline was justified because the ref allowed the opposition to kick us off the park for 120 minutes in a display of thuggery more suited to the 1970s. James Linington ref. Terrible display.

    Madley v Stoke - absolutely appalling decision to ruin a legendary comeback.

    But the one that tops the lot was Graham Scott and his linesmen v Sunderland. I have never seen such rank incompetence in all my life. He got nearly every single decision wrong, even basic stuff like throw ins and corners. That's before you even start talking about the nonsense red card and offsides. I can't believe he's still on the ref's roster. Dreadful official.

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