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Dynamic Duo take football to '...the next level..'

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Lots of articles in the press about the about the dynamic duo's (Liverpool and ManU) plan to save football i.e. a stitch up to concentrate power into the big six and give them absolute rights to make all decisions in football.

Really helpful that Rick Parry current Chair of the EFL believes this is a really great idea. Phww, lucky he doesnt have any conflict of interest (lifelong liverpool fan and ex Liverpool CEO) that might make him biased. Gary Neville (ex career long ManU player) quite likes the idea as well.

I believe one or two other people don't like the idea, but they the dynamic duo have stiched up behind the scenes deals to get this through.

A prelude to no promotion and relegation, with playoff against the PL team as the first stage. Lets pull up the drawbridge guys.

And of course once agreed the big six clubs be able to change all the rules anyway, including anything in this deal!

Off to the next level!


  • Apparently this proposal has been 3 years in the making, in discussions with Parry, so they are just using covid as a means of getting what they want.

  • So as a Championship team we get an immediate "hardship" payment plus an annual payment for the share of PL TV revenue. Those are good but not quantified.

    Abolition of the league cup is more debatable as whether it's good or bad. Personally I could easily live without it and would make the FA Cup more meaningful. There would be a potential loss of revenue for some lower division teams that may be offset by the above.

    The danger is the placing of power to make future decisions in the paws of the big 6 and, while not mentioned, this could potentially result in future breakaway and/or promotions and relegations being done away with.

    Although I see the benefits of the financial incentives, I think the risks to the future structure of the PL to be placing too much at stake here, and I hope rejected .

    Government are against it, probably most PL clubs and supporters generally.

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    Here's the Official EFL Statement on "Project Big Picture" which was released this morning:

    The English Football League today confirms that it has been working on an innovative proposal titled

    ‘Project Big Picture’ with a number of Clubs in the Premier League that looks to reset the economics

    and governance across the English football pyramid and in the process, protect the game in both the

    short and long term.

    EFL Chair Rick Parry said:

    “The need for a complete rethinking regarding the funding of English professional football

    predates the Covid-19 crisis. Discussion and planning around ‘Project Big Picture’ has been

    ongoing for quite some time, unrelated to the current pandemic but now has an urgency that

    simply cannot be denied.

    “The revenues flowing from the investment and work of our top clubs has been largely limited to the

    top division creating a sort of lottery, while Championship clubs struggle to behave prudently and

    Leagues One and Two are financially stretched despite enormous revenues English football

    generates. This plan devised by our top clubs and the English Football League puts an end to all of


    “The gap between the Premier League and the English Football League has become a chasm which

    has become unbridgeable for Clubs transitioning between the EFL and Premier League. In 2018/19,

    Championship clubs received £146 million in EFL distributions and Premier League solidarity

    payments. This compares with £1.58 billion received by the bottom 14 Premier League clubs - 11

    times as much.

    “At the same time, Parachute Payments received by the eight recently relegated clubs totalled £246

    million. This represents one-third of the total Championship turnover and creates a major distortion

    that impacts the League annually.

    “In an effort to achieve promotion from very small media monies in the Championship to

    extraordinary sums at the bottom of the Premier League, Championship clubs spent 107% of their

    income on wages last season, a figure that is unsustainable by any analysis but by no means a new

    phenomenon. The figure has been 99% or above in each of the last four seasons. Consequently,

    our Clubs incurred operating losses of £382 million last season.

    “In the last 12 months, owners have had to inject some £384 million in capital – all before a pandemic

    created the current financial crisis and impacted Clubs, alongside many of the businesses that help

    fund them.

    “Project Big Picture takes a huge step by sharing 25% of Premier League media net revenues with

    the EFL in order to correct this imbalance going forward. Coupled with the introduction of strict cost

    controls, Clubs at every level of the EFL will become properly sustainable even in the face of a

    major crisis – and more importantly – beyond.

    “Just as importantly, the financial gap between the bottom of the Premier League and the top of the

    Championship will be substantially reduced. This will create a much softer landing for relegated clubs.

    The elimination of Parachute Payments will create fairer competition and discourage irrational


    “The creation of a short-term rescue fund of £250 million to replace lost match day revenue this season

    and last will enable every Club to plan to continue to play and move forward with certainty. As an

    advance against increased, future revenues this is not a loan and therefore does not need to be repaid.

    It could never have been repaid under the existing terms and revenue of the English pyramid.

    “Now is the time to address both the long-term health of the game and the most challenging shortterm

    crisis it has ever faced. Project Big Picture provides a new beginning which will revitalise the

    football pyramid at all levels. This new beginning will reinvigorate clubs in the lower leagues and the

    communities in which they are based.

    “The whole of English football has been negatively impacted by this pandemic and the English football

    pyramid as a whole is only as healthy as those at its base. Through this proposed restructuring we aim

    to strengthen those who need it most at a time when they need it most. This is about building on what

    is good and making the most of what works well in order to benefit the game as a whole, while

    simultaneously tackling those issues which trouble all of us. This is a blueprint for the future of English

    football and for everyone who cherishes it.”

  • Well as a lifelong Liverpool fan, ex Liverpool CEO and first Chair/CEO of the PL he would say that wouldnt he.

    Nothing about the concentration of power into the top six clubs and what decisions they will be able make as only their votes will count.

    Even nothing about the change in payments to PL clubs which will allow more money to go the big clubs even if they have a bad year, and instead of the merit payment being fairly equal now, more money will go to the top six clubs.

    Which clubs will benefit most from selling some of their own matches Brighton or Liverpool, whereas both will lose equally when those matches arent part of the broadcast deal.

    And not last of all, but very important, the top six clubs will have veto rights over who owns PL clubs, so only those who will agree with the top six will be acceptable owners.

    Finally once agreed the top six will be able to make any changes they like in the future, including deciding this deal isnt worthwhile any more.

    I hope one of the top six clubs get relegated this year. ManU or ManC would make me laugh.

  • Where will happen to the autonomy of the football clubs? Sounds like the big 6 will indirectly own the leagues and therefore the clubs as a result? Is that how it would work essentially?

  • The big 6 would have complete control of the Premier League and the money. So basically what they want to happen will happen

  • Does this mean the end of the FA in essence?

  • Excellent discussion on Radio 5 live , brilliant comments from Chris Sutton , Rory Smith and Micah Richards

  • What was the gist and overall feeling about this potential shakeup Malc?

  • The gist was it wasn't a good thing , the top 6 could be a cartel , they could widen the gap between them and the rest of the premier league

    A possible European super league could happen , the worry of the big 6 bringing proposals that they could vote through decisions easier

    An excellent interview with one of the Peterborough owners , well worth a listen , an insight into the Ivan Toney transfer , he also mentions how they loan out younger players to leagues below them and pay their wages

  • Interesting to see Cardiff City appear to be in favour of this plan ,

  • What’s in it for them I wonder? Maybe they have mistakenly identified themselves as one of the big six football clubs in the UK.

  • The big 6 in 1992 were , Liverpool , Everton , Man Utd , Arsenal , Leeds , Cardiff only joking and Aston Villa ,

    Who will be the big 6 in 2048 ?

  • and it has been binned.

  • Let's hope it's gone into the Shredded bin rather than the Recycle bin.

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