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New paint job

Just had cause to drive past the Liberty and I see that the much needed work has started on the paintwork.

I wonder who we'll sell to fund that ? 😃



  • You couldn't make it up, everyone has been calling for this and when it gets done, they are still ridiculed, who'd be a football boss?

  • Jollyboy

    Wind your neck in and develop a sense of humour. There's a smiley emoji after the second sentence, it's a joke. I've not ridiculed anyone.

  • I still think that they should have won the case against those that I feel were responsible for the structural issues. Very unfair on the owners, I say, no matter what I think of them.

  • If its a joke then fine, no need for the wind your neck in comment though

  • Of course they should have and OJ Simpson should be in jail but that's the law, its an ass, those that think the Trust only have to turn up should think on, there's no such thing as a foregone conclusion.

  • In the same way that there was no need for your sarcastic response. If you can't take it, don't give it

  • Why are you always so keen to go into bat for the owners?

    What have they ever done to make your experience as a fan better since they arrived?

    What have they ever done to invest in the football team?

    What is about them that you just can't help yourself stepping into defend them?

    Come on Jollyboy, be transparent. Yours is never a view I'll agree with, but I'll have an awful lot more respect for you if you declare any vested interests. Here's your chance.

    Otherwise, it just seems very odd that a Swansea City fan would choose to side with custodians that have tanked the club in less than 5 years. Or at least it's odd to me anyway.

  • Gary, you heard of playing devils advocate, that's me, a life long fan who will always look at both sides, mistakes have been made, that is not in doubt but you want them now to throw their money after those mistakes and 'invest', what is investment, the chance of bringing in slightly better players and the aim is promotion, great if it comes off, if it doesn't you are in debt to the owners, no thank you. The club has to be sustainable, its how Swansea City roll.

  • I don’t believe for one second that deliberately purchasing the percentage of the club that they now own behind the Trust’s back can be chalked up as a mistake being made. To me that’s deceit.

  • I was answering Gary, why you felt you had the need to butt in, I've no idea, however, the mistakes I was on about was player purchase for stupid money, Messa, Borja, Clucas, Bony and Ayew, even Ranato Sanchez must have cost us £10m in loan fees and wages, they were all mistakes. Purchasing the club the way they did was deceitful and underhanded. What I don't want them to do is invest any further, there's no such thing as a free lunch, they put £10/£20m in now, it might see us get promotion where they can legitimately take it back, but if we do a Stoke, they'll still want it back.

    Sustainability is key, not investment.

  • Thank you for responding Jollyboy. I got the wrong end of the stick by assuming that you were referring to everything that they’ve done being a mistake and not deliberate. Mistakes have been made but were they avoidable? With hindsight of course we can point at what went wrong with the player signings without question but I do remember worrying about what was happening at the time with regards to player recruitment. I was prepared to reserve judgment on some of them at the time but Bony was someone that I thought was the wrong choice all day long. A huge gamble equalled a big mistake.

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