Match Discussion: Swans v Leicester City

This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Leicester City game on Saturday 21st October 2017.

Whether it's Clement's pre-match news conference, your team selection, Bony being injured (again) or maybe something about the manager-less Foxes - this is the place to discuss it.




    Thank god for small mercies. Now if Tom Carroll could have a minor injury (not wishing anything serious) then we could possibly have a strong midfield,vLine-up

    Usual back 4

     Britton, Messa

    KI/Sanchez with ayew & Narsingh/Dyer


  • Pardon the expression but I genuinely think Ki has a key role to play this season (as has been mentioned on the Mavericks thread) - so hope he gets a start tomorrow.

    I reckon it'll be a tough game against the Foxes but reckon we can grind out a 1 nil win  <3

    What score predictions does everyone else have?
  • I smell goals in this one - particularly if we get the first one and draw the Foxes out. 3-2 to the swans (Vardy worries me as he finds the gaps between defenders and will test us in a different way to other strikers)
  • Its the same team as last time with ki in for fer for me. Sanches to come off the bench 
  • According to PC, Sanches probably starts.....
    "Now it's about transferring that to the game and with Leroy [Fer] suspended he has a good chance to be involved in the starting XI”
  • Same line-up as last week then but Sanches in for Fer as expected.

    Still not impressed that Mesa isn't even on the bench though  :rage:

  • We have allowed their opponents 75 more shots in total than they have attempted themselves in the Premier League this season; the biggest negative differential by a team in 2017-18 so far
  • Well, well, what a pathetic performance 1st half. 
  • Same old shit. Clement has to go.
  • Can anybody please tell me what Sanches brings to the team.  Unless I have a problem with my eyes he has done absolutely nothing in any match I've seen. B)

    p.s. well done assistant for giving another c**p "offside" decision for Leicester to go with two years ago when Mahrez got away with two AND a likely hand ball for his "hat trick". B)
  • After a terrible first half at least things improved in the second half with the introduction of Ki and especially Dyer.

    What frustrates me as much as anything is that we seemed to switch off for both of their goals - waiting for the linesman or ref to stop play for the ball being out of play (for the 1st) and the offside flag (for the 2nd).

    Why oh why do players not just play until the whistle blows.

    On a side note... I thought Huddersfield were very poor last week and then they go and beat Man Utd today.

    Do players of the so-called lesser teams (Swans included) only turn up for the big games?

    Roll on Tuesday night.... not.

  • Why isn’t MASA even in the squad for the last two matches. Pay 11 mill for a player, and the guy cannot get a game. I can see him going in Jan, unless Clement has gone.  Confused
  • We need to act quickly now. Change manager as Clement clearly is not upto the job and get a new manager in so he knows what he's got prior to Jan window
  • Given all the issues with the owners & the transfer window, at the end of the day, the "manager" sets the plan & picks the players, so today he picked one great but aging defensive midfielder & Tom "afraid to pass forward & can't tackle" Carroll against a side that was guaranteed to attack us with pace & power. No wonder Leon went off at halftime, he had to cover 3 positions. His, Messa & Carroll. Also no striker on the bench, where was McBurnie? On the day, Clement was totally to blame for that performance.

  • I hope PC is brave enough to give chances on Tuesday to players who are hungry for success.

    With injuries etc Utd will field a very different team to the one they played in the last visit.

    I suggest Mcburnie starts with Dan James  and George Byers.Mesa must play as well.

  • We might have sneaked a point but they might have added another 3/4 goals.
    Nursing showed he does not understand PL football,his covering in midfield was awful and when Naughton or Sanches moved forward with the ball failed to offer his services,even against a full back who was booked after 10 minutes and who is known for being headstrong in his physicality.Our man avoids the physical challenge and deserves a long rest.
    Dyer put a good shift in  and changed the dynamics of us going forward,but also sought to defend or collect the ball in our half.
    Olsen had best game for a while.
    We desperately need steel in midfield.
    Cannot understand why Mesa was not on bench.

    Concerned about injury to Abraham which seemed to worsen as game went on.
  • Should give Clement until the end of November with a target. 3 out of next 5 games are against Burnley, Brighton and Bournemouth. He should be told to get minimum of 6 points from those 3 (nothing expected from Arsenal or Chelsea). Think I'm being wildly optimistic. With the December fixtures I'm struggling to see how we get to 20 points by Xmas. Even if we get rid of Clement, we're not going to get the players we need in January.
  • so glad I made the 5+hour journey to watch that shower of s...

    Clements starting selection again makes me question if he knows what he is doing.

    If Sanches and Narsingh start ahead of Ki and Nathan next weekend at Arsenal, then the manager can go as far as I am concerned.

    Sanches needs, as Ki and Dyer did, time with the U23s to get used to the game and get some confidence and prove he has what it takes. Today, for me, he looked like a prima donna. Demanding the ball and then either passing it straight back or giving it away, and throwing his hands up.

    How he wasn't hooked instead of Leon is beyond me.

    Also, Tom Carroll, Sanches nor Ayew MUST NOT be taking set pieces anymore.

    Ki can cross or shoot from the positions we have today. Maws is also adept at a set piece shot at goal. Or We need Mesa on the pitch taking them.

    If we want a left foot corner, then Olsson not Carroll should be taking them. 

    The only decent things to report were the form of Fabs. Him and Nathan being our best players. Ki had a decent cameo.

    Tammy had an education today from Morgan.

  • Totally agree Mark...I am starting to think that Carroll is the "chosen one" as his form has been horrible and his set piece delivery is a joke. Mesa must be wondering why the hell he can't get a game watching that. Ki needs to be playing and delivering the dead balls IMMEDIATELY!!
    One other thing you missed which I think was a positive -I thought Mawson (goal aside) was excellent today - I remove him from any blame..
  • Webmaster said:
    This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Leicester City game on Saturday 21st October 2017.

    Whether it's Clement's pre-match news conference, your team selection, Bony being injured (again) or maybe something about the manager-less Foxes - this is the place to discuss it.

    time for mesa to be given a run of games 
  • Roque Mesa Quevedo, tell us where you are are.
  • I think Nathan was our best player when he came on 
  • What was unforgivable yesterday was the totally lackluster start and allowing a bottom 3 team gain the initiative.  We have to start with urgency and desire to win. For that i have to question PCs pre match team talk. It was all over within 20 mins
  • Though it probably didn't matter - what would have happened if Tammy had gone off?  NO outright forward on the bench for a home game!  PC's selections are getting more worrying every game.
  • I know  competing formations are not actually like a game of Rock Scissors Paper  BUT
    Our MF looked lightweight - it actually looked like we had chosen a 4-2-4 with Narsingh Sanches Ayew and Tammy as the front 4 leaving Leon and Carroll to get overrun by Leicester's 4 in MF
    Basic manager error before the game had even started as Leicester always play 4-4-2 wholly predictable
    Did not learn from the previous week when Huddersfield had 60% possession and we got away with it because of a couple of basic defensive errors just at the point we had lost momentum
    With the exception of Spurs away - itself a performance typical of a lower division team playing a cup game - we have not played well once this season
    The home games have all been winnable except maybe Man U and even that is debateable
    The WHU game away was certainly winnable as Brighton showed Friday night
    We are that bad and the players are not responding to the manager
    If they were responding the performances would show it, even if the results didn't
    This is by a distance the worst we have been in the PL with the exception of the Bradley period and that was a comic error by the Yanks
    Time for a change before it's too late
    Recruitment has also produced some howlers but PC doesn't know his best team and Sanches appears undroppable despite everything we have seen
    This is just wrong
  • More like 4-1-5 'cause Leon was the only one playing defensive midfield in the first half. 
  • This situation is moving towards it’s inevitable conclusion. It looks as if Clement is out of his depth. The players lack motivation and are unfit, the tactics are all wrong, the team selection is laughable, hell we can’t even do the basics and kick the ball accurately from corners and free kicks. How can you play the tiny Carroll and Britton and Sanches together in midfield, especially against a big side like Leicester. We were overrun in midfield and clueless how to penetrate Leicester’s solid defence. Recruitment has been diabolical. What do they do, buy another tiny player in Mesa, then panic buy an average Championship player in Clucas from a relegated side, and bring back an injury prone Bony who has played hardly any competitive football in two years, is unfit, and is of dubious age. A recipe for disaster.
    It doesn’t get any easier, with Man U tomorrow, who’ve already hammered us once this season, then Arsenal away next Saturday, who’ve just hammered Everton at Goodison Park.
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